My little box of homebrew VI: Random TIme Travel Encounters

Howdy, y’all! This little box of homebrew is a bit different in formatting and content. I’m experimenting a bit with the format and I appreciate any feedback or opinions you might have. I truly mean that, please criticize my work! Also, I apparently reached the word limit so the actual encounters will be in a comment while all the content is in the post.

1. A more civilized age

Mechanic: Debate

A debate in Open Legend is much like a combat encounter. A debate starts by rolling initiative using Presence instead of Agility. Then each participant chooses a thesis to defend. A thesis is an idea or opinion which people in arguments try to support, like the benefits of invading a neighboring kingdom, the superiority of a particular economic model or the fact that your philosophy is the most moral.

On your turn you may spend a major action to take the “Argue” action. When you do, you roll Persuasion, Presence, Learning or Logic. In response, someone can choose to attempt to strike down the argument as a free action outside of their turn by rolling higher than you with the same attribute. If no one opposes you or if you roll higher than the person opposing you, you give a Pathos or Logos point to your thesis. You give a Pathos point if you used Persuasion or Presence and a Logos point if you used Learning or Logic.

You may spend a minor action to change which thesis you defend.

If more than one person defends the same thesis they all have disadvantage equal to how many they are when they take the argue action. This is called the underdog bonus.

At the end of the debate you multiply the theses logos and pathos points together to get your debate score. If you have a zero in either of them, you multiply with 1/2 instead of by 0. Add up all the debate scores of every thesis present in the debate in order to get the convincing CR. Everyone who observed this debate who’s Resolve is lower than the convincing CR gets their mind changed. Alternatively, for some more important NPC’s, they have to beat the convincing CR with a Will roll or get their mind changed. When someone gets their mind changed they will start to believe in the thesis with the highest debate score.

Dishonesty in debates

When you take the argue action or when you oppose another person’s argue action you may use Deception or Influence as the attribute instead of what you were supposed to roll. You still choose one of the four regular attributes so that it is clear which attribute will be used if someone opposes you. However, if someone rolls 10 or more above your result when you’re using influence or deception they call your bluff and you will get a Liars mark for the rest of the debate. You have disadvantage equal to how many Liars marks you have whenever you take the argue action or when you oppose someones argue action. Additionally, for every Liars mark you have, the amount someone has to roll to call your bluff reduces by 5.

Alternative rule: Realistic mind changing

If you want a more realistic way to handle who managed to change who’s mind to what then you may use this optional rule.

Take the debate score of a thesis, divide it by the convincing CR, multiply it with 100 and then round to the closest whole number. Record this number and then repeat this process with every thesis. Now you have the probability, in percentage, that someone believes each thesis if they get their mind changed. If someone gets their mind changed you organize the probabilities into ranges or into a table and roll a d100 to see which thesis in the debate they believe.

Side note: Ethos

For those of you who know these terms, you might have noticed that Ethos was not included in the original debate rules. That is because I had a hard time implementing it in a way that felt good. I have tried multiple drafts and they’ve all felt unbalanced, wonky or like they’re against the core principles of open legend. I urge anyone who has an idea to throw their hat into the ring but I’m not gonna do that.

2. Bourgoisie Bootlicking

Mechanic: Duel

A duel is a Special type of one-on-one combat that typically ends when one of the participants has been hit by the other. It is typically fought with rapiers or pistols. In Open Legend one round of a duel typically functions as described below but, depending on the context, there may be some other rules that will not be mentioned (like what the win conditions are and if there are any weapon restrictions).

  1. The participants roll Initiative. This is done at the beginning of every round of the duel if there are multiple rounds. If the participants get the same result they both repeat this step.
  2. The participants each take their turn of combat, starting with the participant with the highest initiative. The round ends immediately when a participant achieves a win condition, even if it happens before the other player has a chance to act. If the result isn’t considered satisfactory there may be other rounds of a duel, in which case you simply repeat step 1 and 2.

Alternative rule: Speed vs Accuracy

A participant may choose to give themself advantage to the Initiative roll equal to or lower than their Agility score at the cost of getting an equal amount of disadvantage to any roll on their turn. The same applies the other way as well, they may choose to give themself advantage to the roll on their turn equal to or lower than their Agility score at the cost of getting an equal amount of disadvantage to their initiative roll.

For example, Gabriel chooses to get disadvantage 3 on his initiative roll. This means that when his turn comes he will get advantage 3 on one roll of his choice, which in this case means his attack roll.

3. Dust, Degenerates and Death

Stat block: Diamondback Rattlesnake (level <1)

Description: A poisonous snake of the wild west.
Attributes: Agility 4 (1d10), Fortitude 2 (1d6)
Defenses: Guard 20, Toughness 10, Resolve 10
HP: 4
Size: Smaller than Small
Speed: 35’
Favored Actions:

  • Bite (Damaging attack) - Agility (d20+2d6 w/adv 2) vs. Guard, triggers Persistent Damage (poison) bane on hit

Feats: Superior Bane Focus (Persistent Damage)
Strategy: Bite if it feels threatened, otherwise run away.

Stat block: Bandit (level 1)

Description: The pirates of the desert.
Attributes: Agility 3 (1d8), Might 1 (1d4), Deception 4 (1d10), Persuasion 3 (1d8)
Defenses: Guard 14, Toughness 13, Resolve 10
HP: 15
Size: Medium
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • Revolver (Damaging attack) - Attribute (d20+1d8) vs. Guard

Feats: Evasive Footwork
Equipment: Revolver
Strategy: Highly emotional. Will run if frightened, will charge if angry, will help if happy, etc.

4. The High Seas

Stat block: Pirate (level 1)

Description: The bandits of the seven seas.
Attributes: Might 2 (1d6), Agility 3 (1d8), Perception 3 (1d8), Presence 2 (1d6)
Defenses: Guard 13, Toughness 15, Resolve 11
HP: 16
Size: Medium
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • Cutlass (Damaging attack) - Agility (d20+1d8) vs. Guard
  • Pistol (Damaging attack) - Agility (d20+1d8 w/adv 1) vs. Guard

Feats: Attack Specialization I (Pistol)
Equipment: Cutlass, Pistol, Bottle a’ rum
Strategy: Scare rather than fight. Take names first, kick ass second. Being a pirate is all about style and reputation.

5. Dawn of our Time

Stat block: Home Sapien (level 1)

Description: Ah, yes. The final result of billions of years of evolution. They were so powerful and so wise that they conquered the planet, got bored and started fighting each other.
Attributes: Agility 4 (1d10), Fortitude 3 (1d8), Might 3 (1d8), Logic 1 (1d4), Perception 2 (1d6), Presence 2 (1d6)
Defenses: Guard 12, Toughness 13, Resolve 13
HP: 16
Size: Medium
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • Spear (damaging attack) - Agility (1d10) vs Guard

Feat: Master tracker
Equipment: Spear
Strategy: Sneak up and attack with numbers.

Stat block: Mammoth (level 5)

Description: Often seen as a primitive version of ourselves, however, homo neanderthalensis was actually a lot stronger, faster, more resistant and even smarter than us in many ways.
Attributes: Fortitude 6 (2d8), Might 5 (2d6)
Defenses: Guard 16, Toughness 18, Resolve 11
HP: 30
Size: Larger than large (15’ by 15’)
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • Hooves (Damaging attack) - Might (d20+2d6) vs. Guard

Equipment: Spear
Strategy: Idk

Stat block: Neanderthal (level 2)

Description: Often seen as a primitive version of ourselves, however, homo neanderthalensis was actually a lot stronger, faster, more resistant and even smarter than us in many ways.
Attributes: Agility 3 (1d8), Fortitude 5 (2d6), Might 4 (1d10), Logic 2 (1d6), Perception 2 (1d6)
Defenses: Guard 14, Toughness 15, Resolve 13
HP: 18
Size: Medium
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • Unarmed combat (Damaging attack) - Might (2d6) vs Guard.
  • Spear (damaging attack) - Might (1d10 w/disadv 1) vs Guard

Feats: Martial Focus (Unarmed combat), Master tracker
Equipment: Spear
Strategy: Sneak up and attack with brute force.

6. Informal Inflitration

Item: Silencer

WL: 2
Can be attached to or detached from any firearm type weapon (like handguns or rifles, GM decides what is appropriate) as a Move Action. If you make an attack roll with a weapon with an attached silencer the attack is silent and you can choose to silence any enemy reduced to zero hit points by an attack from you.

Stat block: Militsiya officer (level 1)

Description: The proud soviet police force.
Attributes: Agility 3 (1d8), Might 1 (1d4), Deception 4 (1d10)
Defenses: Guard 13, Toughness 12, Resolve 14
HP: 16
Size: Medium
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • Handgun (Damaging attack) - Agility (d20+1d8) vs. Guard, triggers knockdown on 5 damage or more

Feats: Bane Focus (knockdown)
Equipment: Handgun, handcuffs
Strategy: Idk, I’m tired. They’re communist cops.

Stat block: Spy (level 3)

Description: Manners maketh man. The spy is a sneaky, charming and deadly bastard.
Attributes: Agility 5 (2d6), Fortitude 4 (1d10), Might 2 (1d6), Learning 2 (1d6), Logic 3 (1d8), Perception 3 (1d8), Will 4 (1d10), Deception 5 (2d6), Persuasion 2 (1d6)
Defenses: Guard 16, Toughness 16, Resolve 16
HP: 20
Size: Medium
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • Handgun w/Silencer (Damaging attack) - Agility (d20+2d6 w/ Adv 2) vs. Guard

Feats: Attack Specialization II (Handgun), Lethal strike II, Silencing Strike
Equipment: Handgun, Silencer
Strategy: Professionals have standards. Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

Vehicle: Car

WL Speed Properties Attributes Feats HP DT Defenses
3 120’ Might 5 15 4 Guard: 15, Toughness: 15, Resolve: Immune

7. District S-84

Stat block: Law Enforcer Mk 1312 (level 5)

Description: Massive, metallic man mountains of the law.
Attributes: Fortitude 5 (2d6), Might 5 (2d6), Learning 3 (1d8), Perception 4 (1d10), Energy 4 (1d10), Movement 5 (2d6), Prescience 4 (1d10), Protection 3 (1d8)
Defenses: Guard 20, Toughness 17, Resolve 13
HP: 30
Size: Large
Speed: 25’
Favored Actions:

  • Rocket powered slam (Damaging attack) - Might (d20+2d6 w/ adv 2) vs. Guard, may push target 5ft
  • Machine gun Turret (Damaging attack) - Energy (d20+1d10 w/ adv 1) vs. Guard
  • Rocket flight (Invoke Flight) - Movement (d20+2d6) vs 20 (PL5)
  • Energy field (Invoke Barrier) - Protection (d20+2d6) vs 16 (PL 3)
  • Scan malicious intent (Invoke Mind Dredge) - Prescience (d20+1d10) vs 18 (PL 4)

Feats: Attack Specialization II (Unarmed strike), Attack Specialization I (Fire), Brutal Intimidation, Resilient, Sworn Enemy II (Criminals)
Strategy: The not so advanced AI is programmed to neutralize the closest target. If they run away, they will be hunted. If two targets are equally close then the AI prefers to keep attacking the target it attacked most recently.

Vehicle: Speed Saucer

WL Speed Properties Attributes Feats HP DT Defenses
3 150’ flying Agility 5 Evasive Footwork 20 2 Guard: 14, Toughness: 14, Resolve: Immune

8. The After

Stat block: Screamer (level 3)

Description: Mutated? Cursed? Aliens? Doesn’t matter much now. All that matters is that they’re gaunt, they’re fast, they’re strong and they’re hungry for your flesh.
Attributes: Agility 6 (2d8), Might 4 (1d10), Will 2 (1d6), Energy 2 (1d6)
Defenses: Guard 20, Toughness 14, Resolve 10
HP: 10
Size: Medium
Speed: 40’
Favored Actions:

  • Claw slam (Damagin Attack) - Agility (d20+2d8 w/adv 1) vs Guard
  • Acid spit (Damagin attack) - Energy (d20+1d6) vs. Guard

Feats: Attack Specialization I (Unarmed combat), Climbing, Indomitable Endurance II, Multi-Attack Specialist II
Strategy: Mindlessly and tirelessly attack on sight. Will attack other screamers if they’re hungry, angry or bored enough but are always hostile to humans and other animals.

9. Sea Savages

Stat Block: Viking (Level 2)

Description: Big and strong. Fierce and brave. Fast and deadly. These are just a few words that were used to describe these men and women (yes, it is highly possible that viking women were quite common. I did my research) who struck fear into the hearts of Europeans during the middle ages.
Attributes: Agility 3 (1d8), Fortitude 5 (2d6), Might 5 (2d6), Perception 2 (1d6), Will 3 (1d8), Presence 1 (1d4)
Defenses: Guard 13, Toughness 15, Resolve 13
HP: 18
Size: Medium
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • Spear pierce - Might (d20+2d6) vs. Guard, may push target 5ft on a hit
  • Shield Bash - Might (d20+2d6) vs. Guard, may push target 5ft on a hit

Feats: Overpowering strike
Equipment: Small Shield, Short Spear, Dagger, Padded armor (This is some “basic” viking’s equipment but many other weapons have been used by vikings. To add some variety, consider replacing these weapons and armour. My suggestions for things that still make historical sense are Great Axe, Hatchet, Shortbow, Longspear, Chainmail, Shortsword and Halberd)
Strategy: Hit and run (or sail, perhaps). Wedge formation and Shield barricades could be used.

Stat block: Viking Berserker (Level 8)

Description: Big and strong. Fierce and brave. Fast and deadly. These are just a few words that were used to describe these men and women (yes, it is highly possible that viking women were quite common. I did my research) who struck fear into the hearts of Europeans during the middle ages.
Attributes: Agility 2 (1d6), Fortitude 6 (2d8), Might 7 (2d10), Will 5 (2d6), Presence 4 (1d10)
Defenses: Guard 16 (18 during Battle Trance), Toughness 21 (24 during Battle Trance), Resolve 18 (21 during Battle Trance)
HP: 28
Size: Medium
Speed: 35’
Favored Actions:

  • Spear pierce - Might (d20+2d10 w/adv 1 during battle trance) vs. Guard, may push target 5ft and apply the knockdown bane on a hit
  • Shield Bash - Might (d20+2d10 w/adv 1 during battle trance) vs. Guard, may push target 5ft and apply the knockdown bane on a hit
  • Reckless attack - deal 5 damage to self during battle trance in order to attack as a minor action

Feats: Battle Trance, Reckless Attack, Overpowering strike, Crushing Blow, Viscous Strike
Equipment: Small Shield, Short Spear, Dagger, Padded armor (This is some “basic” viking’s equipment but many other weapons have been used by vikings. To add some variety, consider replacing these weapons and armour. My suggestions for things that still make historical sense are Great Axe, Hatchet, Shortbow, Longspear, Chainmail, Shortsword and Halberd)
Strategy: Hit and run (or sail, perhaps). Wedge formation and Shield barricades could be used.

Vehicle: Longship

WL Speed Properties Attributes Feats HP DT Defenses
4 75’ swimming 30 3 Guard: 17, Toughness: 15, Resolve: Immune

10. Black Death

Mechanic: Disease

Diseases are something a character can be affected by with these components:

  • Transmission. Ways to catch a disease. Every mode of transmission will consist of a condition and a CR. If you meet the condition you have to beat the CR or become infected.
  • Symptoms. A symptom is the effect the disease has on your character if it becomes infected. Every symptom has a description, an incubation time (amount of time from becoming infected to the symptom showing) and an effect (often a bane). Some symptoms have an Avoidance which is a way to avoid the effects of the symptom. Incubation time is determined as soon as you become infected. You roll to avoid when the Incubation time is up. Duration is rolled for and counted from when the effect kicks in. It is advised that the GM rolls for Incubation time and duration and keep the results a secret.

Disease: Bubonic Plague


Condition CR
Being within 10 feet of someone who is coughing CR 10 Fortitude
Touching someone who has buboes CR 15 Fortitude
Lice, Resting in the same room as someone who’s infected CR 20 Fortitude


Symptom Incubation Time Avoidance Effect Duration
Coughing 1d4+1 Days CR 13 Fortitude Shown in Transmission 1d8+1 days
Buboes 1d4+1 Days - Shown in Transmission 1d8+4 days
Fever 1d4+1 Days - Sickened Bane 1d6+2 days
Headache 1d4+1 Days CR 13 Fortitude Demoralized Bane PL 3 1d6+2 days
Acral Necrosis 1d4+1 Days CR 15 Fortitude Visible + Disadvantage 2 when using hands. 2d6+8 days
Death 1d6+4 Days CR 20 Fortitude Death Bane Permanent

Feat: Improved Immune system

Cost: 1 Feat point


  • Tier 1:
    • Fortitude 2
  • Tier 2:
    • Fortitude 4


Disease simply doesn’t have much or any effect on you.


  • Tier 1 - You have advantage 3 to any avoiding rolls or transmission rolls against disease.
  • Tier 2 - You are immune to disease.

Item: Antibiotics

WL: 2
Consumable item that grants advantage 5 on any avoiding rolls or transmission rolls against diseases caused by bacteria rolled in the next 24 hours.

11. The Before

Stat block: Alamosaurus (level 16)

Description: Humongous, four legged herbivores with long necks and tails.
Attributes: Fortitude, 7 (2d10), Might 7 (2d10),
Defenses: Guard 20, Toughness 20, Resolve 13
HP: 100
Size: Larger than large (40’ by 40’)
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • Stomp (Damaging Attack) - Might (d20+2d10) vs. Guard, triggers Immbile on 5 damage or more

Strategy: Stomp if threatened, then run away.
Feats: Bane Focus (Immobile)

Stat block: Tyrannosaurus Rex (Level 25)

Description: One of the most terrifying predators to have ever roamed this earth. I don’t know what kind of rock you’d had to have lived under your whole life to not know what a T-rex is.
Attributes: Fortitude 6 (2d8), Might 10 (4d8), Perception 2 (1d6), Will 3 (1d8)
Defenses: Guard 26, Toughness 30, Resolve 16
HP: 75
Size: Larger than large (20’ by 20’)
Speed: 40’
Favored Actions:

  • Bite - Attribute (d20+4d8 w/ Adv 6) vs. Guard, triggers Immobile on hit

Feats: Attack Specialization VI (Unarmed Combat), Superior Bane Focus (Immobile)
Strategy: Not really. The T-rex is one of the most ferocious predators that has ever lived. It probably did sneak or whatever but, let’s be honest, does the wielder of around 10000 lbs (5000 kgs) of bite force, the most powerful of any animal ever discovered, really need a battle plan?

12. No Man’s Land

Extraordinary item: Machine Gun

WL: 4
Properties: Deadly 2, Weapon (Special)
Special: The Machine gun is a long ranged, Precise, Heavy, Slow and Stationary weapon with the Persistent Damage and Slowed banes.

Stat block: Soldier

Description: Joined the conflict willing to fight for his country. It’s gonna be a quick war, right? RIGHT!?
Attributes: Agility 4 (1d10), Fortitude 3 (1d8), Might 2 (1d6), Perception 2 (1d6), Will 3 (1d8)
Defenses: Guard 13, Toughness 15, Resolve 15
HP: 12
Size: Medium
Speed: 30’
Favored Actions:

  • Rifle shot - Agility (d20+1d10) vs. Guard
  • Dagger - Might (d20+1d6) vs. Guard

Equipment: Light armor, Rifle, Dagger
Strategy: Follow your orders, follow your training.

Alternative rule: Time Travel Disorientation

Time Traveling can put a strain on your physical and mental being. If you wish to simulate this you can have your players roll this table 1d6-5 (a negative result is deemed a zero) times each to see how they’re affected by it.

D6 Bane
1 Knockdown
2 Ad Hoc damage severity level 4
3 Stunned
4 Sickened
5 Incapacitated PL 5
6 Fatigued 1 level
1 Like

0. This is a title

“This is the player description. You may read this to your players when this encounter comes.”

This is the GM description. This contains information useful to the GM and is for the GM’s eyes only. This is something that you will find more information about under in the post and not in this reply.

1. A more civilized age

“You find yourself in the middle of a massive crowd of thousands of men. They’re all standing in silence as they listen to two men standing on a platform next to a hill about a hundred feet in front of you. The two men seem to be arguing with each other very passionately.”

The year is 409 BCE in Athens. The cause of the gathering is the Ecclesia which is taking place by the hill Pnyx. They’re currently having a debate about the voting rights of a metic (sort of translates to “Immigrant” or “non-citizen”). I would suggest only starting a mechanical debate if the player character get involved but, if they do, here’s the thingies:

  • Eniopus (He’s arguing for the thesis “Metics should have the right to vote”) has a 0 in Deception, a 3 in Presence, a 5 in Persuasion, a 3 in Learning and a 5 in Logic.
  • Kallipedes (He’s arguing for the thesis “Metics shouldn’t have the right to vote”) has 7 in Deception, a 4 in Presence, a 2 in Persuasion, a 2 in Learning and a 0 in Logic. Kallipedes will only use the Deception stat when he panics which he does when he’s losing.

2. Bourgoisie Bootlicking

“You find yourself in a large bedroom. The hall is almost golden and the architecture is stunningly beautiful. The room is furnished with beautifully crafted closets, cabinets, armchairs, paintings and, in the center of it all, a large canopy bed. You can hear conversations and laughter accompanied with music coming from somewhere else in the building. Suddenly, a well dressed man rushes into your room and screams at you in french.” If any of the player characters understands French, read this next part: “He yells ‘What are you all doing here!? And why are you not dressed properly!? Half the nobility in France is downstairs and you are sitting here lounging around! Get dressed and start working! RIGHT NOW!”

The year is 1783 in France. The butler is named Pierre and he has mistaken the players for servants. He is half blind since his service in the Anglo-French war and he’s in a hurry so he wouldn’t notice strange clothing or features unless they were painfully obvious. Downstairs there is a party with these key pieces of information:

  • There are around 50 French nobles at the party drinking, eating and conversing with each other.
  • There are a total of 200 servants in the building working on this occasion.
  • The main talk of the party is the end of the Anglo-French war and the Paris Peace between the British and the Americans.
  • Encounter: A noble named Gabriel challenges one of the players to a Duel (Win condition: hitting the other person. Weapons Restriction: Only Pistols. Other: The duel starts when the participants are 20 feet apart.) for insulting his honor (if for no other reason, it’s because he’s drunk and will therefore be affected by the Sickened Bane). Gabriel has a 15 in Guard, a 4 in Agility, 16 hit points and is going to choose to get advantage 4 to his Initiative roll (thereby getting disadvantage 4 on his attack roll).

3. Dust, Degenerates and Death

“You find yourself in a scorching dry heat. Around you there is only desert except for in the far distance where you see some mountains. There is a sign next to you with arrows pointing towards different directions of a barely visible road you just realized you were on. Suddenly, a gunshot echoes across the desert.”

The year is 1859 on the Oregon Trail. The gunshot came from two Bandits that have been tasked with burying a legendary outlaw that betrayed their gang in the middle of the desert. They shot at a Diamondback Rattlesnake that was bothering them (make an attack roll to see how it went). This is inspired by Sly Flourish’s Two Thugs in the Woods but if you haven’t read that the general gist of it is that it’s a very simple encounter that can be approached in so many ways.

4. The High Seas

“You find yourself in a dark room which seems to be swaying from side to side. Before your eyes adjust to the darkness you can hear footsteps on a wooden floor from above you along with shouting. After a moment, when your eyes have adjusted, you can start to make out that the room is filled with boxes and crates with a variety of labels and signs. Suddenly, a door opens very slowly revealing the silhouette of a man.”

The year is 1716 somewhere in the Caribbean. The “man” is a pirate who’s come to check on the lower decks of the vessel. In reality, she is a woman dressed as a man and the secret lover of the captain (is revealed a woman with a successful CR 17 Perception roll). She is part of the pirate crew calling themselves “The black rum gang” (consisting of a carpenter, a surgeon, a quartermaster, a captain and other crew members for a total of 3d10+15 pirates with some modifications, shown below) who mean to loot this ship (a French merchant vessel) and take the booty to their own galleon (found in the official Open Legend rules). On the upper deck the french merchants have already been gathered and counted. The female pirate is currently unsure what to do about the player characters as she is very inexperienced and did not expect anyone else to be here. The crew is almost as inexperienced as her.

  • The carpenter has the Craft Mundane Item (Carpentry) feat and can half the repair time of the vessel.
  • The surgeon has a learning of 4 and the Hospitaler feat.
  • The quartermaster has a Logic of 4 and a Presence of 3.
  • The captain has a Presence of 5, an Agility of 5, 20 HP, the inspiring champion II feat and is level 2.

5. Dawn of our Time

“You find yourself on the edge of a small cliff about 50 feet above ground. You see down below a group of hunters who are carefully moving through tall grass towards some mammoths. As the lead hunter slowly takes another step forward a spear flies through the air hitting the ground in front of the lead hunter. The Mammoths go crazy as the sounds of screams fill the valley while some less hairy people come running towards the hunters.”

The year is 40 000 BCE somewhere in Europe. The group of hunters are 2d4 Neanderthals. They’re currently attempting to hunt the 1d3+1 Mammoths. The sound that scared the Mammoths was caused by 2d4+6 Homo Sapiens that are hostile towards the Neanderthals. The long way to get down the cliff is about a 90 feet run, but if the players can figure out other ways to get down then let them.

6. Informal Infiltration

“You find yourself looking directly at a gray, concrete wall. You seem to be in some sort of modern city. Suddenly, a car crashes directly into the wall and a man with a suitcase crawls out of it.”

The year is 1964 in Berlin. The man is a spy with the Persistent Damage (PL 2) bane as he’s slowly bleeding out from the crash. He has already suffered from the bane for 1d4 rounds, so he’s missing a few hit points. He’s being chased by Militsiya officers who will be here in 2d4 rounds. He is carrying some documents that the spy believes hold important information about the assassination of JFK. The car still works, but it’s affected by the slowed bane.

7. District S-84

“You find yourself in a dark alleyway late at night. The only thing lighting up the environment enough to let you realize where you are is a neon sign with the words ‘Light-hearted Dipsomania’ over a door. There is some sort of six-seated, open roof vehicle parked a bit closer to the entrance of the alleyway. A man and a woman suddenly stumble out from the door and, with drunken laughter and giggles, make their way towards the vehicle. You hear the sounds of metallic footsteps approaching from the alleys entrance and the drunk couple panickingly react to it by throwing themselves into the vehicle. A large metallic figure now stands in the alley with its two red lights fixed upon you.”

The year is 2157 in the city of Osawell in the nation of New Gaia. New Gaia is a police state which is attempting to act as a new world order but it’s met fierce resistance from basically every pre-existing state in the world. Despite this, they’ve made enough progress that the conflict looks less like a war and more like a rebellion against New Gaia.

The Metallic figure is a Law Enforcer Mk 1312. It’s there to uphold order in Osawell. It will try to arrest the couple for attempting to drive the Speed Saucer drunk. If any player interacts with the Law Enforcer in any way they will be scanned for “Malicious Intent”. If it finds anything aggressive or criminal it will attempt to arrest the player. If it finds any trouble, it will call 1d4 other Law Enforcer Mk 1312s for help who will arrive in 3d8 rounds.

The rest of Osawell is very cyberpunk and filled with other Law Enforcer Mk 1312s.

8. The after

Before running this encounter, it can be useful to pick a large city in the world where this encounter could take place, preferably one that you and your players are familiar with. If you need a quick answer, roll a d4 and pick from the list below:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Berlin
  3. Shanghai
  4. Sydney

“You find yourself in a large abandoned city. It seems only a remnant of its former self as it is fully and truly empty. The air is filled with an ominous mist whose calm is suddenly broken as you hear an ungodly and piercing scream from somewhere in the distance followed by similar screams who seem to answer. A creature that seems humanoid yet incredibly gaunt and pale emerges from around the corner of a building. It places its furious gaze on you and unleashes its scream upon you.”

The year is 2041 in a large city. The creature is a Screamer which is going to attack immediately. Every minute that the players are in an open area, roll a d10, if the result is a 10 then 1d8 Screamers appear and attack. If the players find a non-open area (such as the inside of a building or a subway), roll a d6. On a 1 or 2, 2d8 screamers occupy the area. On a 3, 4 or 5, it is empty. On a 6, there are 1d12 survivors already there.

9. Sea Savages

“You find yourself on a beach with a beautiful grassy landscape a short distance away. A small and charming village of stone and hay is placed just a few hundred feet away. The wind is blowing quite roughly but the heat from the setting sun in the horizon virtually negates the cold. A gathering of dark clouds seems to be headed your way but for the moment, there is a peacefulness to this place. Suddenly, the blowing of a horn is heard in the distance as the setting sun seems to summon a ship headed towards you. Thunder erupts from the dark clouds and rain starts pouring.”

The year is 999 on the English shore. The vessel is a longship boarded by a Viking Berserker and her 25 crewmembers (of which 5d4 are Vikings and the rest are Slaves). They intend to raid and plunder the village and its church but will happily attack anyone else who happens to be there, AKA the characters.

10. Black Death

Warning: The Black Death encounter is depressing and potentially triggering as it deals with horrifying diseases and slow painful deaths, possibly even for the player characters. I even toned the original encounter down a bit as I had a hard time imagining anyone having fun running or playing through certain aspects of the original encounter. Sensitive players and GMs have been warned.

“You find yourself in a wheat field in the early morning. You hear the sounds of beautiful bird songs coming from a nearby patch of forest. They are interrupted by the sounds of a crows caw coming from a small gathering of wooden buildings on the outskirts of the woods. A long road travels from the buildings, through the wheat field and towards a distant city. On the road there is a horse cart making its way to the buildings steered by a man dressed in a black robe with a white mask which seems to mimic a bird’s beak.”

The year is 1348 a few miles outside of Florence. Anyone with any farming experience can tell that the crops have not been tended to at all the last few days. Everyone in this encounter speaks Italian and only Italian. The man in the robe is a plague doctor that has come to treat the Küchler family that lives on this farm. The father, Alfred, is sick with the Bubonic Plague (He currently has every symptom except Death) and will very likely infect his wife very soon. The costume the plague doctor is wearing gives him advantage 3 on any transmission rolls for the Bubonic Plague.

11. The Before

“You find yourself in a swampy forest. Giant ferns and huge trees surround you, along with a lake so muddy that it almost looks like solid ground. Between some trees ahead of you you spot an opener landscape where some absolutely massive four legged creatures are wandering. They must be around 100 feet tall with necks making up the majority of their body. Every step they take shakes the ground as they peacefully wander from between trees to feast upon the leafy contents of the top. Behind you, however, you hear the breath of another observer of the fantastic beasts followed by a roar that would be easily mistaken for a lightning strike in the same location. Roll Initiative!”

The year is 70 000 000 BCE in Laramidia. The peaceful herbivores are 1d4+1 Alamosauruses. The beast behind them is a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex. Some other interesting dinosaur genera on the island of Laramidia which I did not have the time to add are Kosmoceratops, Parasaurolophus, Pachycephalosaurus and Utahraptor.

12. No Man’s Land

“You find yourself in a wasteland in every sense of the word. You’re surrounded by rough terrain of deep mud and hard rock. There’s barbed wire and dead bodies clad in uniforms with rifles by their side. You hear voices yelling from two opposite sides of you as you notice the deep trenches they’re coming from. They’re built parallel to each other, about 300 feet apart, and you have found yourself right between them.”

The year is 1917 in the western front. The voices are French, British and German Soldiers (2d6 within hearing range on each side) with Machine Guns (1d4+2 within firing range on each side). They’re aggressive towards anyone in No Man’s Land who is not clearly on their side and will attack on sight. Convincing one side to stop firing would take a CR 20 Persuasion roll and convincing the other side would take a CR 30 Persuasion roll (advantage 3 is granted to both rolls if the roller speaks their language). It’s 150 feet to the nearest trench.

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