My little box of homebrew V

Hello, again. I don’t really have much to say this time. Enjoy the stuff! :slight_smile:

Alternative Legend Points

After an action roll has been rolled, but before the result of the roll has been determined, the roller may spend a Legend Point in order to roll again. The roller must use the new action roll in place of the previous ones.

Additionally, at the beginning of every session everyone’s number of Legend points become one instead of what they had at the end of the last session.

Feat: Blood Mana

Cost: 2 Feat points


  • Tier 1:
    • Any Extraordinary
    • Flaw Feat: Mana Points


You have learned to fuel your magic at the cost of your own health.


Whenever you spend mana points, you can instead choose to spend your hit points or a mixture of mana points and hit points.

Natural 20’s and 1’s

Whenever someone rolls a 20 on the D20 of an action roll the roll is automatically considered a success, and an exceptional success if it was an attack roll.

Whenever someone rolls a 1 on the D20 of an action roll the roll is automatically considered a failure, no matter what the total is.

No Opportunity attacks

Opportunistic Dueler

Cost: 2 Feat Points


You have trained yourself to lock your opponents in duels and punish those that may wish to escape them.


If you are wielding a melee weapon, and an enemy moves from a space within your reach to a space that is not within your reach, you may make an attack against the enemy as a minor action.

Only voluntary movement made on the moving character’s turn trigger opportunity attacks. Movement caused by a foe’s forced move bane or an ally’s telekinesis boon, for example, does not trigger opportunity attacks.


Only people with this feat may do opportunity attacks.

Reform of “Prepare effect”

Feat: Prepare Form (I-X)

Cost: 2 Feat Points


Whether you’re a wizard preparing spells, an engineer designing bombs or something else you can prepare a multitude of effects and unleash them in an instant.


You gain a number of “Form points” equal to your tier in this feat multiplied by ten. Whenever you finish a rest you can spend form points to prepare formulas. A formula is a combination of Banes and Boons which you do not need to roll in order to invoke (The enemy can still resist the bane(s) on their turn). In order to prepare a form you must have access to each individual component of the formula. A formula can only consist of banes and boons that have an invocation time of 1 Major Action. If a formula contains multiple boons that have a duration of sustain persists you may sustain all the boons with the same sustain persists action.

Big Ass Bomb (19 Form points)

  • Ad Hoc Damage severity 8
  • Deafened PL 4
  • Forced move PL 2
  • Knockdown PL 1
  • Area Multi-Targeting (40’ Cube)

Ice Floor (8 Form points)

  • Barrier PL 5
    • Baneful (Knockdown)
    • Damaging (1d8)
  • Area Multi Targeting (30’ Cube)

Lightning Chain (10 Form points)

  • Ad Hoc Damage severity 4
  • Stunned PL 4
  • Range Multi-Targeting (4 targets)

Love Bond (4 form points)

  • Bolster PL 3
  • Ranged Multi-targeting (2 targets)

Seeker Rockets (3 Form Points)

  • Ad Hoc Damage severity 1
  • Ranged Multi-targeting (4 targets)

Take n’ Push (9 Form Points)

  • Disarmed PL 6
  • Forced Move PL 2
  • Knockdown PL 1

Making your own formula

You may make your own formulas, however, advising the GM before making something is advised as this system is experimental and might create something overpowered. When determining the amount of Form points for a Formula use the rules below:

  • 1 Power level = 1 Form point
  • 1 Severity level of Ad Hoc Damage = 1 form point
  • 2 Disadvantages at invocation (from multi-targeting, for example) = 1 Form point
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