Multi-targeting cheat?

Just wanting a quick clarification (sorry if im dumb and have just missed something obvious).

For area multi-targeting with cubes and cones, no disadvantage is imposed for a single 5’. Does this mean if im close enough i can hit two targets so long as they are within 5’ of each other. Seems a bit odd if that’s the case because i essentially got away with multi-targeting for no disadvantage (dunno if that’s intentional). Would appreciate some clarification/ insight, cheers.

Targeting a square of 5 feet does not give any disadvantage because generally that just means you are just targeting a single square, which means in most cases there will be only a single foe in that square.

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Multi-targeting always aligns to the combat grid, which is made of 5’ squares, meaning that there’s no way for you to hit multiple squares with a 5’ area attack. This can be a little odd with cones, but the easy way to think of it is that the cone is always as wide as the distance from you, i.e. you can hit one square within 5’, two squares that are 10’ away, three squares that are 15’ away and so on.

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On that note, how about rotating Area Multi-Targeting?
Say two enemies are diagonally next to each other. Would a single line segment be able to hit both or would you either need normal Multi-Targeting or a 10’ cube?
What about rotating cube Mult-Targeting?

That would likely be up to your GM. Personally, I wouldn’t allow it; keeping everything exactly on the grid makes everything clear and prevents any “gaming the system” or arguments about whether or not a target can be hit like that.

Remember also that the grid is abstract; a 25’ cube has 25’ sides and measures 25’ from corner to corner no matter which two corners you pick, which doesn’t work in any sort of sensible space-time. A 25’ cube is just a convenient and clear way of representing a 25’ sphere, like you might get from a bomb going off. There’s no uncertainty about whether something is within the radius, it’s either in the square or it isn’t. That argument could be taken both ways, but I’d always fall on the side of keeping things simpler to make the combat nice and clean.

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Im reminded a bit of this for 5th edition. This almost gave me an aneurysm first time i saw it, and is basically what im getting at, with this thread, just making sure none of this BS nonsense is in OL.

Left up to the GM honestly.

The way things are worded for Open Legend is referring to the grid. But for those that play in theatre of the mind, might be different.

And some might argue “rule of cool” and all that. I do things by the grid in my games though, and considering that there is not disadvantage for Cone or Cube that is only 5’, if you weren’t using the grid, then I would rule that there is disadvantage in that case.