Multi-Targeting and its rules

Hi everyone,

I’m just about to embark on my first ever group rpg and I am trying to make sure I get the attacking rules right.

From what I could gather, Multi-Targeting you can use without using a feat.
Now with this one you roll once (with disadvantage depending on number of enemies)

For simplicity’s sake, say they all have the same defence.

So if I roll 5 over their armour, does that deal 5 damage to all I attack or is that spread amongst them?

And to trigger the multi attack, do I have to be standing still?
Or can I use say, 5 movement, hit, use 5 hit etc.

Thank you

You deal 5 to all in that case.

Look at the example of multi-attack in the feat itself. It has some crazy stuff. You can break up your movement through out your turn, and that could be between multi-attacks. You have to declare how many multi-attacks you are doing at the start of your turn.

Thank you for your quick reply :slight_smile:

So you are talking about multi attacks, do I need that on top of multi targeting?
Or is the multi attack for the ability to move between hits, and multi targeting one roll standing still?

Well, you said multi-attack in the last paragraph there of your original post, so the multi-attack was commenting on that.

If you were solely speaking about multi-targeting, no, there is no movement between those attacks. If you are doing melee, they all have to be in reach.


Sorry, that was my bad.

But thank you for the confirmation. Much appreciated!

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