Multi-Target Boon Expert Question

For this example, lets assume I have:

  • Boon Focus II (Bolster)
  • Multi-Target Boon Specialist II
  • Multi-Target Boon Expert

We will also assume I am trying to Bolster a group of 5 players.

BF2 would give adv3 for multi-targeting.
MTBS2 would give adv2 for multi-targeting.

A multi-target Bolster for 5 targets would be at disadv5.

Since the MTBS2 brings the roll to no disadv, would MTBE cause an auto success?

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Technically no, it removes 2 disadvantage (which is only important if you have less disadvantage than you have tiers

No, boon focus doesn’t factor in, as the verbage is your tier in Multi target boon specialist has to negate the disadvantage.

Edit with quote (emphasis added):

When multi-targeting a boon for which you have the Boon Focus feat, you do not need to make an action roll if the disadvantage normally incurred from multi-targeting is completely negated by your Multi-Target Boon Specialist feat.

Cool, that answers my question. Thanks!

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