Multi-Attack requires the feat?

I could use some clarification on Multi-Attacking. From the feat description, making a multi-attack grants disadv. 3 for each additional attack and for each tier of Multi-Attack Specialist, this penalty is reduced by 1.

I see no reference to Multi-Attacking in the combat section of the core rules. From this, I have to assume that unless you have Multi-attack specialist, you cannot make multiple attacks each turn at disadv. 3 per attack.

I.e. Taking the feat is the only way to attack multiple times in one turn.

Is this the correct interpretation?

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I’ll make it short: Yes!


I’ll make it longer: that is correct!

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So to clarify, multi-targeting a single attack is still possible without a feat, but making multiple attack rolls during a single turn requires at least Multi-Attack Specialist I.


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Yessir. You’ve got it in one.

AFAIK that’s not the spirit of it at all. Unless this was changed in a mod meeting or something, if you are willing to suffer the penalty, anyone can make multiple attacks (it’s a core mechanic), but the feat affords you a reduction to said penalties.

I think the problem is that the combat section needs to clarify that this is an option before the section “Make a Bane Attack.”

I disagree with everyone else, but I’m probably wrong.

Indeed you are wrong. :wink: There is a reason for why all the multi-attacks rules are tucked into the feat, instead of being in the core rules. If they were supposed to be accessible to any character, they would have their own section in the combat chapter.

Indeed, the intent of the feat is exactly as VanGo mentioned.

Feats either modify current core rules, or add something that isn’t in the core rules at all.

Great Leap, for example. Jumping is mentioned in the core rules under the Combat Chapter in the Movement section. Whereas Great Leap allows you to use other attributes to do a normal Jump (Might) as well as have advantage on the roll.

Whereas Heightend Invocation allows you to do several things to banes or boons that you can’t in the core rules.

Also, the very first part of the Effect states:

At the start of your turn, you may declare that you are multi-attacking.

If you could do that normally, ti would instead say something like what Multi-Target Boon Expert says:

When multi-targeting a boon for which you have the Boon Focus feat

WHEN instead of saying you may declare.

The difference here is between multitargeting and multiattacking. A multitargeting is the same kind of attack, and works off one roll. The multiattacking is allowed due to the dear and let’s you do multiple types of attacks or get multiple rolls. That’s how I read it

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*feat, not dear. I really don’t like autocorrect