Movement questions

Im making a movement based character right now and Im just wondering because I cant find it anywhere.

  • Is there anyway to lift someone like the levitate spell in dnd? i see telekinisis only has the option to lift objects.
    -how would you go about force choking someone? is that even possible?
  • if you inflict the immobile bane with movement, can the target move against their will? like for example the floor beneath them colapses, would they stay floating?
  • are there rules for minor extraordinary effects? like using movement to make the wind blow in your face, or using energy to light a campfire, really small, unimpactfull things like that
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Flight Boon

Something to remember about Open Legend, it is very heavy with using what makes sense, which will often lead to self limitation. Just b/c you have access to something, doesn’t mean it makes sense for your character.

So a question to always ask is, does this make sense for the world (setting), for my character backstory, and for the situation.

So in this case, even though flight gives you access to full movement, you can choose instead to have it behave like leviation instead. Likewise, someone in a no magic setting might make a hang glider, and use it to soar across a distance. Self limiting it to not be able to really go up or straight down, having to glide, as that makes sense for the situation and the world.

force choke can mean a lot of things to different people, so actually describing what you want to achieve, or what you imagine yourself doing would help here.

If it is just choking, I’d imagine that is damage, and movement is a maybe to doing damage. That’s something to discuss with the GM,a nd if it makes sense for the world, and for yoru character and their abilities/backstory, then yeah, you just roll movement vs toughness (most likely, but maybe guard).

Are you instead trying to immobilze them? Then do an immobilze bane attack, same in the case of silence. Conversly if you want to kind of do damage as well as that affect, you can grab Bane Focus in immobile or silence, and then if you do 5+ damage, you do that bane in addition to the damage (or do it without bane focus and hope to do 10+ damage). Didn’t do enough damage, your focus was off, you just couldn’t get a good enough grip that time, etc.

Again this will refer back to what makes sense for the situation and the nature of the power/ability that did the immobile bane. Something for the GM to decide in the moment, as it could change from situation to situation.

Every roll matters. If there is no threat (time, pressure, physical threat), a lot of times no reason to roll and you can do it. Of course, it all goes back to… does it make sense! If it does that your character could do those things, then yes.

In addition, there are generic action rolls (as seen in Chapter 8 running the game at the end of the chapter). You can simply roll your attribute for something you are attempting to do, and the GM might set a CR for it, but then there is always success with a twist and failure but the story progresses. In the case of unimpactful things, that would usually fall into the category of you can just do it (if it makes sense your character could do those things).