Move Actions: Jump

I am trying to figure out how jumping works.

From the core rules, I can, as my Move action, perform a long jump by making a might roll. If I can get a 10’ start, then I jump a number of feet equal to the roll.

My question, can the number of feet I jump exceed my base speed?

For example, wearing cheap heavy armor reduces move speed by 5. If I move 10’ to get a running start for a long jump can I only move up to 15’ during the jump? Or is this jump distance independent of my remaining movement?

Jump. Make a Might roll. If you can’t get at least a 10’ running start, you have disadvantage 1.
For a long jump, you cover a number of feet equal to your roll.
For a high jump, you cover a number of feet equal to your roll divided by 2.

Says it all there. The GM might reduce your jump distance if you have a 5’ penalty to speed, but that would be up to the GM to do.

Otherwise, it states it clearly based solely on your Might roll (which doesn’t have an advantage, but disadvantage without a running start).

What isn’t clear here is the part about a running jump. It doesn’t clearly state whether the 10’ running start is included with what you roll (so if you roll a 25, you move 25’ vs you move 10 + 25 for 35’).

Will point this out to the mod team actually.

Thanks. Distance based on might roll is definitely how it is worded. With that decided, it opens up odd wording on the second part where you cover a number of feet equal to your might roll. I assume it implicitly means “cover a distance up to your might roll”. Overshooting a 10’ gap, for instance.

I don’t think overshooting is an issue. If you have to land on a narrow ledge, it wouldn’t just be a simple long jump, so the GM should create a special CR. Or over shooting means you have the right amount of strength to judge the distance correctly.

I mean, hopefully you don’t have that kind of GM that would make you miss a ledge b/c you jumped too far.

But anyways, the way I read it is, if you have the running start, you move 10’ + the Might roll in feet.

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