More feels- based banes

Hi there, in my humble opinion there should be much more feelings and states of mind that mind mage can interact with. I noticed fear, charm, demoralized and bolster, also in flaws there is a phobia, but mind mage can’t gives flaws, does he?
So I present to you a few more banes that can be added:

Confidence- character feels strong enough to bring it’s foes to ground level. He rushes in the direction of the closest PC. Instead of resist roll, target can make perception roll as a minor action.

Ecstasy- target feels much better. You gain advantage x on rolls that use social atributes and target Ecstasy NPC.

Disgust- After succesfull bane attack choose an action. If target would make the action, bane triggers. Resist rolls are based on will atribute.

Furry- target cannot distinguish enemy to ally. Attack the closest PC/NPC.

Calm- target feels harmony and is unwilling to fight.

Confusion- target gets disadvantage x to perception rolls.

I would like to see your reaction. Isn’t some of those overpowered? Does it make sense to add them to bane list?

Remember that you can always describe existing boons and banes in a different manner to achieve the effect you’re wanting.

This sounds a lot like Provoked to me. I’m not sure what your second clause means, characters can already make perception rolls as a minor action.

Try Bolster on an ally instead. This doesn’t quite work how you want, because social attribute rolls don’t “target”

Sickened works a lot like “disgust” but for the rules you’re suggesting here, try looking at “Waiting to Act” in the Combat Chapter

I assume you mean fury here, and you’re not expecting the target to spontaneously get a lot more fluffy…
Dominated could easily work as a more limited version of this.

Try looking at Charmed, Dominated, or Incapacitated.

This is just a more limited version of Demoralised.

I like your thinking here, but a big part of Open Legend is in using the existing system to do new things. Try looking at the Banes and Boons again, see if you can work out ways to do what you want by describing it differently without having to add something new and worry about balancing the new mechanics.


Resist rolls in Open Legend don’t use attributes, though you can roll an attribute to give someone the chance to resist (by putting out flames, bandaging wounds or attempting to snap them out of a stupor for example). For this sort of use of attributes to resist, you could check out @Great_Moustache’s house rule for alternate resist mechanics [Playtesting] Alternate Resist Bane Mechanic

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Hi there, thank you for answer. When I posted this I was thinking in what way can PC control battlefield. I wish I could just limit PC and make them think. I suppose I am just supressed by thoughts like “why should I think instead of telling the dominated one to kill himself”. TBH i am gonna be GM for the first time.

Again, I think you missed the point. You can flavor/fluff and describe the various boons/banes in any way you want.

Open Legend is also all about self-limiting.

The way the world works that you GM is up to YOU. If Domination works by thinking, then that’s how it works. If it works by speaking, then that’s how it works. You as the GM can determine that.

All the banes and boons, the key there, is the effect. After that, it is just a matter of a character explaining how they are achieving that effect. For every person out there, you might have a different explanation.