Monster Creation

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hey I looking for Monsters and lots of them but i can’t seem to find any place where there are any that i can use. im looking for all the ones from 5th eddition i hope its not to much to ask for


I agree that is pretty quick to build a monster using the OL rules. I made a “boss” Grey Render encounter in about 20 minutes. It would have been even quicker but I wanted to give him special abilities and weaknesses.

OL is great for giving monsters unique weaknesses that I use for the noncombat, knowledge characters to have a chance to know and there for still be able to contribute to combat. That learning roll probably saved the party’s life cause they knew to use silence to shut down the Renders stunning demoralizing scream. ***Robert Parker (original reply)

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  1. The following page will soon have an NPC generator (monsters) to make things even faster: (no exact release date currently set, it’s in-progress).
  2. Not all monsters from D&D 5e can be recreated as you wish because many of their names are trademarked by Wizards of the Coast. Just felt it was important to remind folks that copyright and trademarks exist. :slight_smile: ***Mario Lurig (original reply)

The free intro adventure has a few pre made creatures. I’ve used them and just reflavored them for my game. ***Jearim Woodall (original reply)

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Some example monsters would help a new OL GM tremendously. Just standard monsters like skelettons or the likes.

In D&D skellettons are receive less damage from none-blunt weapons. Would this mean in OL that every non forceful weapon would receive 1 or 2 disadvantages to emulate this resistance to damage?

There is already a nice article for D&D <-> OL class ability conversion. Is there something similar for monsters?

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There already is resistance that can be added for Precise attacks, so that is pretty easy. There are a few example monsters/creatures in the star once fallen module you can get for free at:

This is exactly why people are asking for examples because some GM’s don’t know what can be done with monsters.

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@Crazy_Weasel I’ve got an outline started for a Monster Cration article I’m writing up.


Having example Monsters is helpful, there is no doubt about that.

Something that a lot of GM’s have done. They come in asking about example monsters, but after awhile, when they really look at “Running the Game” down at the quick NPC build guide, they usually come back and say “It’s so easy to create NPC (creatures, characters, etc), I can do it on the fly in a combat”.

The biggest benefit of pre-designed monsters is potential flavor/setting/background information.

There is a compendium, I am looking for the link, where people can submit such creatures and it get built up. I’ll see if I can find and post it.

@Nova-Con if you around.


You can start to submit monster/creatures/NPCs here, as well as other things.

good place to go to find stuff, in the future, it just went up, so people who have stuff should go and submit it.


@ConradCurtis OMG you just made my day (3 days later) saying there is an NPC generator coming to HeroMuster!

You can thank @ucffool for all the HeroMuster stuff that happens. I just transported things over from Mightybell!

@ConradCurtis @ucffool I did just see his post in the other thread. Just couldn’t contain my excitement :slight_smile: I was using HeroMuster already to flesh out even henchmen NPCs :slight_smile:

Does this module need to get updated w/ rules changes? Or does it still contain everything it needs?

It can be played as is, for sure. The rules are probably a little behind on some things, but it is a learn as you play module anyways.

It did receive an update not too long ago to make it more along with the rules, but it doesn’t contain all of them on purpose, so you get them slowly as you go along. I would have to actually go through it to see if anything is majorly off on it (and it will probably get an update once all the things are sent to the printer).

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