Mobile Dice Roller App now Live

I’ve made a simple Dice Roller App for Open Legend. (for Android, until i can get my fingers on an IPhone for Testing)
All you have to do is set your attribute Score, your Advantage/Disadvantage and press the Roll button.

Here is the Google Play Store Link:
Open Legend Roller
Here is the Google Play Store Link for the paid adFree app:
Open Legend Roller AdFree

It looks like this:

I hope it helps some people who don’t have all the needed Dice or who want to simplify dice rolls in Open Legend.

I’d like some feedback for the App and how i can improve it.

Hope you like it.


General feedback: Offer a paid version for $1 that is ad-free. I’m 100% always willing to buy a Pro version of an app if it means i don’t get random colorful ads in it.

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will do that in the next days.

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so i added an adFree version of the App, that costs one buck.
i didn’t expect, that someone would pay for this app :smiley:

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A few more things:

  • It was a bit confusing at first checking the rolls. I would visually put explosions rolls in another color or location (above the exploded die).
  • I get the adv/dis die is below, but if a substitution happens it’s unclear. Basically, I’d like to see a muted or grey version of the dice that get not used in the roll. This is also part of what leads to confusion above.

I get it’s about the end result, but it should be very fast to understand HOW you got to that number.

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so i should add explosion dice above the dice that are exploded, okay, but what if those also explode. there isn’t enough room if i go up and up.
or should i just add exploded dice all together in one row above?

and good idea about making the substituded dice gray. will do that in the next release.

In the next release, i will also add a roll sound, when you press the roll button to prevent cheating by pressing the button multiple times to get a good result.

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Good point. I’m not sure, I’m not here to develop the app for you, I have enough to work on. I’m just saying it’s unclear.

I would also make the sound optional… I’m an adult so if I was to use it, I wouldn’t want to hear it every time and if I’m GMing nobody is checking my work.

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of course it’s optional.
i will try something and we’ll see how it works out.

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