Mobile App support?

Are there any plans/capable persons for developing some mobile app player/dm tools in the future? Heromuster is fantastic and I love that the website itself is mobile-friendly, but I know I have trouble with heromuster formatting properly on my ipad and the website is a LOT of scrolling on a tablet or phone.

Just curious as to whether anyone with coding talent/experience had mulled this over, or if the community could contribute in some way to make something like that happen! I don’t know a blessed thing about coding but would be happy to help in other ways!

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A conversation in this regard has happened over in the Github issues for Open Legend.

Long story short – these folks all know that they’re racing against me. I personally have the skillset to do most everything needed for these projects, it’s just a question of finding the time to do it correctly amidst the chaos of my day job, production timeline, and other things.

But yes, in the end there will be an “Open Legend App” where you can log into the Open Legend site, save characters, share them internally within the app, post them publicly or privately, etc.

As far as a “mobile app” goes, yes I’ll be sure to make my version of the character / NPC / item generator thing responsive and mobile friendly. But we’re a long ways off from that due to extreme time strain for me.

In the meantime, a smaller item of work I plan to do is convert the site over to use HTML5 web workers, which means that once you visit the site WITH internet connection, you can later visit the site WITHOUT internet connection (e.g. a plane or something) and still access the site in your web browser.


Also summoning @ucffool in case he has plans to address the mobile friendliness problem with Heromuster (he’s the developer for it)

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On an tablet, turning it in landscape mode gives you the 3-column view and access to the expand/collapse all, which is the intended display on tablets, while on phones it’s meant to be the super compressed accordion specifically to reduce scrolling.
I’m a bit sad to hear you are having a negative experience as I designed the HeroMuster page specifically to improve the mobile experience over the core site (where I experienced A LOT of scrolling and some rendering complication). However, I’m not without fault, so I’d love to hear HOW you are using it that is such a bad experience and thus we can figure out a way to improve it, including rendering issues you may be having (what generation ipad, what size, etc). I may be able to fix those issues. :slight_smile:

Now mind you, the fixed height of the boxes (unexpanded) has gotten a bit big thanks to the new larger descriptions by @Ish, so there is definitely work that can be done to shrink that by truncating the description length prior to expansion.

Regarding the size when all are expanded, there is nearly nothing that can be done outside of the phone design or expanding only 1 at a time, because there is just a metric s— ton of text in the powers, so I’d love any ideas you may have.


Ok first just let me say that I LOVE YOUR SITE SO MUCH. It has given me way more confidence in tinkering with OL characters, as I suck at the math and I’m always afraid I may have missed something.

Turning to Landscape mode did definitely help my formatting issues, in portrait several of them would kind of overlap. Some tweaks that I would find helpful on a tablet include some way to hide the language selection tab that hovers as you scroll, it can get in the way of some of the text.

Another issue I’ve found is entering attribute values with an external keyboard. I get touch icons to automatically drop down to other fields, but the arrow and enter keys on the external keyboard do not accomplish that task, which means I have to alternate between tapping and typing and it makes for awkward stat entry/easy mistakes. I have no idea if this is even something that is possible to fix on your end, or if it is entirely dependent on the type of keyboard I’m using, but I did notice it.

This isn’t so much an issue, just an odd thing I notice–when I enter in the naming and archetype fields on mobile as opposed to laptop, those entries start farther spaced down the line, as though I had indented a paragraph? Not sure why that is or if it would have negative effects if I entered in something long.

Again, THANK you for making heromuster, it is a fantastic tool, I’ve just noticed the experience is not quite as smooth on my tablet as my laptop.

You can now hide the languages box by clicking on the X in the top-right.