Medieval Fantasy With DRAGONS [Mix of D&D and Open Legend]

I am looking for people to help me Test run a D&D and Open Legend mix of rules game… I am DMing the game… It will be every Saturday… if we have enough people that Saturday that is…
The only parts from OL are all of the 40 point and addative parts that come with the point system with Bane and Boons… Feats… Perks and Flaws and Attributes
There are all classes and races from D&D if you wish to choose from them and if you choose a magic caster class you have free rain of ALL magic as long as you have the point to get them(edited)
California USA time/////// Discord name Ignamor#6428

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Did you mean to post it in LFG (the topic for finding groups to play with)? Also, could you please add more information about your game to the post?

The time is very important for players to know if they can make it, and remember that we are spread out all over the world so your time zone is vital for scheduling. The setting and style of your game will help you find players who are more interested, you don’t want a player showing up expecting a traditional fantasy adventure when you’re running a steampunk bank heist.

Perhaps most importantly, a description of what you mean by “Mix of D&D and Open Legend”. That phrase doesn’t really mean anything on its own. What parts of Open Legend are you using? What parts of D&D? A better description will help you find a lot more potential players, otherwise you force them all to ask you these questions themselves and many will just move on and not bother.


thank you for the feedback and for the help

Why not make a template one can fill out describing your game?

[Day of week]
[Time + Timezone]
[No. of players]

all of that is there

this is a key thing missing. there is “California USA time”, which is Pacific Time, but not anything about an actual time of game.

This might be flexible, but still saying that helps.

i didnt put a time for the game because i am willing to change my schedule to the players and when they are free