Making a character that doesnt use Extraordinary Attributes

I’m trying to build a character that scoffs at the use of magic and uses mundane items (traps, snares, bolas etc) to use Boons and Banes.

hes a master tracker/hunter with a Giant owl companion. I’m just not sure what “equipment” he can craft to use Boons and Banes properly.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.


The bolas and “blunt” arrows can do many of the Banes you currently have access to. Instead of just Stunned for the special arrows, they could also do Forced Move (the force of impact causes them to stumble back).

For the Banes and Boons you can use right now, I think you can flavor the things you already have listed to access them.

With access to a workshop, I’d let you have a couple traps on you, but traps take time to set-up.

With the logic or learning score (depending on the situation) you could improvise a trap (set-up trip wire or something) if you had time.

Are there particular Boons and Banes you need your equipment to give you access to (beyond what you already have)?

One I’m doing in my game - My players have these packets of sticky substance, when thrown they burst and the substance spreads. Enemies get caught in it, they have the Slowed Bane on them. Long as they have access to the chemist, they can get more of these.

Things to keep in mind:
There is a 20 item limit (stuff that has an in game effect).
There are some weight limits.

…so 15 bear traps might be cumbersome.

Depending how your DM/GM/Head Yahoo wants to deal with that.

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Truth be told, after thinking about it, the Boons & Banes he has access to will be fine. I just need to refine the character archetype/description. OL is really stretching my Roleplaying side of creating characters, so used to just finding the ‘Mechanics’ of a class and building a story around that.

For a Fantasy setting, he will be similar to the Ranger class, I’ll even add the Sworn Enemy Feat because I have a Feat point free. Not sure what “Profession” to make Craft Mundane Items. And in that same vein, not sure what items he is capable of crafting. I’ll definitely be needing to include a few “examples” of items that he is capable of making.