Lyra the Bard - Character Art

Hey guys,

Something a little different today - I sketched out this character a few days ago and it received quite a lot of attention over on twitter and instagram (the DnD community seems pretty strong over on those platforms). I’ve even had a few people reach out and ask to commission me to design their RPG characters too, which is a very cool prospect.

Anyway, I wanted to share my work here since it’s never really come up before, I’d also be really interested in getting your opinions and feedback since it’s not your typical, semi-realistic D&D art.


I saw it on Twitter, and I really liked it there. Think it’s A+ great.

The art style should support the use; semi-realistic character art comes from people wanting their character to be dramatic and “real” seeming. This art style definitely supports a more upbeat character, perfect for a bard :grin:

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I’m seriously digging that cartoon style!

One of the best things about OL is that it can capture all sorts of genres and gameplay styles. Make games and characters your own way; make art your own way!

Do you have an online portfolio or Deviantart gallery? I’d like to see more!

I wish I could draw :sob:

Thanks man! : ) the response has been insane over on Reddit - think I’m going to be opening for commissions in the near future because I’ve had so many requests.

Definitely! I got quite a few comments saying that they wish there was more light-hearted RPG art so I think a few people feel the same way

Sure! - if you check out my twitter there’s also a link to my portfolio website and my instagram where I post a lot of sketches : )

It’s just practice my friend : ) like any skill

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