Lucky Draw Feedback Post

Loosely inspired by the Deck Of Many Things fron D&D, I’ve gotten plenty of feedback from the server, so I’m posting it here for more feedback.

All card effects and the mechanics of actually drawing/using said cards are very open for feedback.

Changes so far include Ace effect changes, as they were too extremw at first, and draw mechanics going from draw 3 in a go and 9 in a day at most to the only limits on draws being 14 cards that render the deck “inert” until their effects are over and the 2-10 being officially counted as a part of the deck. Which cards do and do not lead to the deck going inert is also not final.

Notably, the cards are split by color, red good, black bad, and the 2-10 for each suit are different PLs of the same boon or bane. Feedback also has been given saying it is unfortunately unlikely thay the deck would be drawn from mid-combat, as opposed to out of combat, which makes what level action drawing is of lessened relevance, but feedback about it is still much appreciated.