Looking For Someone to help me Play my first Game

I am new to the game and just made my first Spellblade, Ill link it here illd love to start playing but I usually learn the Game through Playing, https://openlegend.heromuster.com/character?s=arthurpen414 Is my Character, Contact me through skype, Timezone: Central Europe.

Skype: ALilStrawBenny (Dutch/NL/Netherlands)

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Glad to hear of your interest!

I would say, if you haven’t, visit the Discord as a great way to meet people and maybe catch a pick-up game.

I know a lot of people use voice communication on Discord too.

You can click this link to joing the Open Legend Discord group

You can check out my campaign and see if it is something that would interest you: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/80852/in-panagao

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I have a problem, my dad blocked off my discord via Sinkhole, I cant use that. sorry. he wont unblock it

Illd love to join, tho I can only use skype.

Why are you only able to use Skype? I organise everything about the campaign on Discord so Discord is a must have to join.

anyways, what theme is it. I Love making characters such as My Arthur Pendragon character. I also have a Berserker (Just made) but idk.

as I said earlier, my dad Sinkholed Discord aka Blocked its ip, I cant even start it up anymore. I’m gonna try to get him to unblock it (Once again). In 4 hours.

and I think the time will be a big problem due to… shivers SCHOOL.

The theme is explained in the Roll20 description. You have school in the evenings?

Till max 5Pm. and even then I gotta sleepa round 9:30 PM/ 10PM

That’s too bad. Maybe you’ll find another game more suitable for you! :slight_smile:

ey, In the weekends I’m completely open! Except for next weekend (Family business) so I guess ill try to join, always could join via Skype if someone would mind adding meh :stuck_out_tongue: and using Chat / Typing Exists.

Mr Vango can we do a Game of A star once Fallen, Illd love to get some GM Exp to do it properly with Family tomorrow. (They made their chars already :P)

I Asked. my dad wont unblock, cant I Play with just the chat or Via skype Chat?

Voice is a requirement for my games so no you can’t join in that case. I also can’t help you out with a Star Once Fallen, as I’m quite busy this weekend.

alrighty then. Sorry for bothering you. Hope you have a nice weekend!

You could try going into a Roll20 game and using the chat session there and advertising for players, there. The account is free unless you want to level it up for more quality.

If your dad is worried, he could listen in, too. I certainly understand his concerns. In Roll20, if you build a room, nobody can come in there, that you don’t invite.

Not many GMs like to use the chat portion of Roll20 as it tends toward squiffiness but if you are running the game, then you could tell your new players that you will be using R20 for the chat/webcam portion.

I cannot help you this weekend but I could maybe help a bit next weekend on Sunday or later in the week.

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