Looking for players to start a new campaign

Hey guys,

I’m looking for players for my upcoming campaign, which is set to be played on a bi-weekly basis on Wednesdays, starting at 20.00 CEST (19.00 BST, 13.00 CDT, 14.00 EDT).

Also, the setting is not yet finished as the players will have a say in the campaign and can shape the setting during a session 0, which will be scheduled once we have all the players on board.

If you are interested, feel free to ask question or just hit me up!

Lost_Gods_Shared.pdf (372.5 KB)


I’m interested in continuing adventuring in your world.

Jepp this looks interesting and the timesone is good for me.
Im quirrous is this world future version of the Amaurea’s Dawn or is it in the spirit of multiverse
I have played pen and paper for more then half my life and now are in my 30s so im fairly flexeble, mostly just interested in getting in on some more OL games :slight_smile:

If you want to have a more compleete aplication let me know, or grab me out of the OL discord, Im Frank starslizer there one of the “regulars” I guess.

I like to borrow ideas from other settings and stories that I like so no there is no connection between Amaurea’s Dawn and this besides the names and maybe some concepts. I texted you btw on Discord.

Oh hey there, I’m interested in joining if there is space left, seems like a fun and creative way to do some world-building,

Have you joined the Discord server already? If yes, hit me up on it. You can find me under the same name as here. It’s easier to chat and exchange words on there.

And a bit of Dark Sun theme on top. Which, by the way I’m going to use in my first OL game.

I was made aware of this, but it is rather coincidental, as I only know the Dark Suns setting by name. When I was typing it out, it felt kinda “force”-ish, with a dark twist.

Dark Sun is one of my favourite settings as is Talislanta. Races have a twist. Halflings are cannibals and prefer to eat flesh raw. No gods in the world. Psionic powers are common. Great fun!

I never did find a system that would fit into the setting. D&D 5e would be a obvious choice, but would end up in a bit of a messy conversion. I’ve tried with RuneQuest, but felt wrong. Dungeon World and Savage Worlds was a possibility, but ended up with OL.

It sounds kinda like an odd fit for D&D anyways. No Gods, means no divine magic, means no Cleric and Paladins, which effectively changes the system…

It’s a D&D/AD&D setting, but everything has a twist to it. Plane Scape is kind of more weird.

Templars are given a kind of divine powers from the Sorcerer Kings. Clerics are Elemental Priests and are drawing their magical energy directly from one of the four elemental planes. Bards are known assassins. Elf are raiders and thieves and are living in the desert. Dwarves are hairless etc.

Regarding the starttime 20.00 CEST. Just wondering if you’re European?

That would be correct.

Are you still needing players?

I’m in the process of talking to potential players at the moment, so nothing is decided yet. If you want a shot at it, just hit me up, preferably over on discord.