Looking for Mature Open legend game


I am looking for a Mature Open legend game that can be played Saturday or Sunday. I can really only play bi-weekly with the occasional life situation arising. I will be willing to join a weekly game as long as the GM and players doesn’t mind me showing up mostly bi-weekly.

I also have some friends that would like to play as well so if there is room in your game let me know. I will inform them and we can quickly fill up spots. We are all in the AST Time Zone and looking to get in on some Open Legend action.

I have been a player in a game and i have also GMed my own campaign for extra information on my experience with Open Legend.

Could you go into a bit of detail to what “Mature” means?

Are you referring to the age of the players?
The mental maturity of the players?
The specific topics and things that would be covered in the game itself?

Not so much the age of players. But the topics that take place in the game. And the content that could be mature but are used in a immature fashion. Such as falick jokes and what have you. But of course some of those jokes are alright in a mature fashion

So I really think you might want to define this more, as mature means vastly different things for different people.

For some people Mature means:

  • Descriptions of gore/blood/loss of limbs
  • mature language (swear/cuss words/profanity)
  • sexual themes (not necessarily about, but involving in the background, or whatever)
  • and other stuff that I’m probably not familiar with

I can’t really provide more than that, b/c I don’t really do much with mature themes/ideas besides maybe philosophical stuff (consequences of choices, evil vs good)