Looking for Group to Play A Star Once fallen

Voice chat: Skype, Ill play GM, every Sunday
More then 3 People allowed, gonna be playing it Sandbox and expanding on the story myself.
NO Experience yet, just going from the book, I love improvisation and Ill support new players. (Practicing Being a GM myself) Theme: Fantasy (Do NOT wanna see Robots and Stuff, gun allowed but Don’t want To see robots… I hate them) Wanted to expand Using the concepts of “Demon Lords” and “Different Species” that just seemed so cool to me when i first read the book/PDF

Additions: More Tribes, 2 Entirely different story lines, New Vilains (continuation) Even more Sandboxyness

If you’re still looking for a group I can play but not this Sunday just thinking since no one responded I’d just mention it and see if your time slot could change for some players. otherwise just let me know

I would be interested. I am also new to Open Legend and am available Sundays from 11-3 and after 8.