Looking for Additional player

Heyo, I had a player drop out of my campaign, so I’m in need of another player.

To preface, I’m a new-ish GM (got about 20 sessions under my belt) so don’t expect anything fantastic.

The campaign is set in heroic high fantasy, a’ la open legend. It’s not hack and slash, however. I expect you to behave with a mind for repercussion. Murder hobo’s will be swiftly dealt with.

As the story goes. For whatever reason, be it wealth, fame, or power, you have journeyed out from your place of residence to become a member of the illustrious, yet eccentric adventurers’ guild “Chimera’s Palm” . Most of the arcs will start off as quests accepted through this channel; whether or not they become more than that is up to your decisions in the sessions.

My player’s just hit level three, so we’re a bit of a ways in. Thankfully, there are plenty of guild members to pass around, so joining is pretty seamless. We’re also in downtime, so you’ll get to add some supplementary backstory.

I might be interested, depending on timezone and method of playing.

I’m interested depending on the when. What kind of characters do you have running so far? Are you looking for something to fill a gap?

I would also be very interested depending on When and where its being played. I would assume Roll 20 but i could be wrong.

I would love to join, but i would be rather new to the whole open legend scene but i am a fast learn my friend did a one shot yesterday of it and it peeked my interest so i’ve been trying my hardest to find a game. i would love to join

We usually run games Every other Saturday at 7PM CST via Roll20. We use Discord for voice and com though.
My two players are basically a Tank and Rogue. I’ve got another player on break who’s a magic support, although he might change characters coming back in.

@Hrathor What do you mean by method of play?

By method of play I just meant VTT and chat channels used. I’ve used (and own) most of the popular options, but just curious what you use.

would it be possible to have another mage in the group? If not i wouldn’t mind going a type of healer.

Ok I have a local group that is playing each Saturday so unfortunately I’m out. Hope you find a good fit.

I may be down, but I am new to the system. If its not too late I would love to join if you would have me.

I’m new to the system and I would like to join if not to late.

Gm’d in OL for a session and will again this Sunday so I have decent knowledge of the rules, if you are still looking for players I could play just about anything but I’ve kinda been eyeing the bard role. I am a bit confused on how roll 20 works but that’s all I really have trouble with

I would be interested and have very flexible hours.
I have little RPG experience but am a fast learner.