Looking for a way to produce a clone type effect that a character can do

I’m looking for a thing in the OL system that can create a cloning like effect, I looked at the rules but I couldn’t see anything that quite fit the description of the effect my player wants to achieve.
I might just be blind or something here but this is what my player wants:

My player wants to play as a ninja with the ability to create multiple copies of themselves to aid them in many different scenario’s whether it be combat or something else like forming a human bridge to cross a great chasm (sound familiar to anyone?)
We decided the character’s main attributes would be Agility (because ninja), Alteration, Creation, and Energy Because they also want to shoot balls of energy from their hands. (again, sound familiar?)

What do you think?
Is there a Bane, Boon, or Feat in the game already that can achieve this desired effect that I don’t know yet?
It might fit into a Bane but since the clones are also supposed to help allies, It wouldn’t make sense for the character to roll an attack against them to help them. So maybe it’s more of a Boon or a Feat.
Has someone already created a homebrew boon or something that can achieve this effect? Should I try to make it myself using the best of my judgement abilities as a GM?

People will often use Summon Creature for this.

You can do Companion and flavor it that the companion isn’t always there and “pops out” from you and combine that with Summon Creature.

Super tired or I’d expand it more, but overall, I’d say summon creature can capture it pretty well. Others might chime in suggestions to make it happen.

Also phantasm is potential for it.

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A high level of phantasm might have a similar affect, creating an illusion of yourself that can trick the enemy into thinking they are actually getting hurt by it.