Looking for a GM and a couple more players

My friend and I are college students looking for a group to play with weekly. We would like to play on the weekends at anytime and possibly during the weekdays however, that can be hard to schedule and looked into further once a group is established. We both have extensive knowledge of open legend and have been playing D&D for several years and Open Legend for a couple years. Please let me know if you would be interested in joining a group like this especially if you’d like to GM. Our time zone is Eastern Time.

Est. Time myself. Let me know if you find a gm id be happy to play.

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Hey depending on the day and time, I would like to join as a player.

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I’d like nothing more than to play with both of you (Jake Hamilton, Bolzack), however we still need a gm. If you guys can find one or if one responds, that would be awesome and we could start playing right away. Thank you for your interest in my post!

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I would be interested in playing, however I am not very experienced whatsoever. I could try GM’ing but it is a risk.

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ultimately it depends on what type of game you guys would like to play and how connections would be made. I run games through Discord entirely as I am unable to handle visual solutions like Roll20. There are some intricate balances between what players are looking for and the style of game that various GMs like to run, so a bit more detail in this area may help snag a GM.

Hi Zaque, I would be very interested in having you as a gm, as explained by the moderator, I would like to know if you’d like to use discord or roll20 however Im pretty experienced with both and my friend is too so helping you through these would not be difficult, what we are looking for most is a gm who is very motivated to create a story and very open to suggestion. I believe that the players and the gm need to have a “give and take” relationship. Please let me know if this sounds like the characteristics that you could bring to the party!

Hi, I’d be interested in playing and I am Eastern time zone as well. I am a grad student, so I don’t think I have the time to GM. I have experience playing D&D for about 5 years now, but limited experience actually playing OL because I haven’t found a steady group yet. However, I’ve been following the system closely and have a good understanding of it I think.

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I would be very open to trying to use discord. I am unsure how battle maps / combat work out with that however. But as for social situations and puzzles, I think I could do well. I agree with that “give and take” style and would be happy to bend the rules slightly to fit what the players want in any regard without just making everyone overpowered. Is there a discord I should join?



Hey everyone, I am going to be opening a discord chat at 8:00pm on Friday the 1st for all of those who are interested in playing in this group. I will put the link at the bottom of this post. Hopefully all of you can make it on. Bring with you any ideas you have for the campaign. It looks like @Zaque will be our gm. I am very excited to get started! @Zaque @seasand @bolzack @JakeHamilton