Looking for 3 to 4 players for a mini-campaign

Greetings Adventurers!

At some point, each and every Heifnar has to start their journey to the stars, returning to their Gods in the night sky. Each journey starts by accepting the challenge and taking part in the Celestial Ceremony, which takes place on every full moon in the city of Farnil. From there on, the fate of the participants of the ceremony is inevitably linked to each other, either in success or in failure.

To survive and to rejoin the Gods, these Heifnar have to face many Trials, each devised to test one area of expertise of a certain God, to show that these Heifnar are worthy, or that they can at least learn from the mistakes that they’ve made during the Trial.

Who and what are the Heifnar, and where do they live? you ask

The Heifnar live in the icy Far North of the continent Frall, a medieval fantasy world, and are descendants of the Gods, and while the Heifnar at first glance from a distance look Human, they have very little in common with them, as they are closer to men of myth and legends, much stronger, taller, faster, and blessed with divine powers, than mere humans. You will be playing as one of these mythological people, who has decided that their long lifetime on Frall has to come to an end, either by making your way back to the Gods or die trying.

The campaign will run on Wednesdays over on Roll20 and will be using Discord for voice, starting on the 4th of December, with sessions starting at 8 pm CET and lasting for about 3 hours. This is going to be a short and sweet mini-campaign, so expect 3 sessions in total, with a maximum of 4 sessions. To apply for this campaign, let me know a couple of things about you:

Who are you? (Name, Age, timezone, etc.)
What do you enjoy about TTRPGs?
What kind of experience do you have with Open Legend, with TTRPGs and Roll20?


Hey there, this sounds amazing!

Who are you?
I’m Nick, 27yo and from Argentina (gtm-3)
What do you enjoy about TTRPGs?
I love the customization aspect of it, as well as creating stories cooperatively
What kind of experience do you have with Open Legend, with TTRPGs and Roll20?
I never played OL, I’ve been playing in roll20 for the last year and TTRPGs for about 15 years now. I play dnd5e mostly, but I foreverDM in Savage Worlds and Dungeon World. I was told about this system and sounds amazing to run, so I wanted some player experience first :stuck_out_tongue:

See ya!

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Hi Nick,
I’ll send you a PM, so we can talk privately.

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Hey, I’m interested in possibly joining up! One question though: your post says playing on Wednesdays, but lists December 4, a Friday, as the start date. I’m free the next few Wednesdays to play, but Fridays I’ll be working and won’t be available =/

Anyway, I’ll post my info just in case:

Name: Jake
Age: 31
Timezone: EST

What do I enjoy about TTRPGS: The collective storytelling and challenge of the improv, character design, and the fun of spending time with friends.

What experience do I have with OL, TTRPGs, and Roll20: I literally just learned about OL this week, but am fascinated by it. I’m a forever DM for about 5 different 5e groups, and have been for the last 7 years or so. I’m excited to learn something new, and also to experience it from the other side of the screen. I’ve also experimented with FATE, Pathfinder (1e), and dnd 3.5. I ran my first campaign on roll20 7 years ago, then moved to in person and have barely used it since.

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Oops! Good catch, it was indeed just a mistake with the date. Check your messages for further discussions!

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Hy, what apleasure to see that someone on the internet is also in CET time and plays at “normal” hours :wink:
So anyway :
Who are you?

  • My name’s Takumi, I’m 27 , CET and am pretty much available anytime.
    What do you enjoy about TTRPGs?
  • I love the collaborative story crafting aspect a lot and one of my hobbies is reading TTRPG books and learning about game design in TTRPG’s.
    What kind of experience do you have with Open Legend, with TTRPGs and Roll20?
    -I’m a forever DM that switched to OL one year or so ago and i have ditched all other games since then and even started writing my own setting book. I’m currently DMing a campain for 4 players and having a blast with it.
    As for other TTRPG’s, i play/DM’d Starfinder, Blades in the Dark , Dnd 3e, 3.5e, and 5e, Pathfinder 1e, and many more.
    I’d be more than happy to finally be able to play OL myself as I always ever have been a DM.
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Hit me up over on Discord! I think you’ve been long enough in the community to know on how to find me :wink:


Who are you? (Name, Age, timezone, etc.): James love, i am 25 years old, and my timezone Is EST, i like dogs and cats equally, i normally play tanks when i can coerce my way into playing a game instead of dming. for this game i would like to play someone with a connection with truth magic and maybe some time manipulation (not time travel, obviously.).
What do you enjoy about TTRPGs?: roleplaying my character.
What kind of experience do you have with Open Legend, with TTRPGs and Roll20?: i have both books but i haven’t played though i’ve watched alot of videos discussing the rules, 8 years of ttrpg experience mostly dnd 5e, i have had a roll20 account for 5 years but have only just been using it in the last six months.