Livestreaming the GM Improv Showdown w/ Matt Mercer (for folks who can't be at Gen Con)

Broadcast live via Nerdarchy the GM Improv Showdown w/ Matt Mercer, Satine Phoneix, Shanna Germain, Andrew Armstrong, @Ryan Schapals, and yours truly.

Follow this post, we will post the YouTube LIVE broadcast URL here when it’s available


Improv as a GM is the most necessary skill and arguably the most difficult. What do you do when you’ve prepped for one outcome and your players go the opposite direction? Join Matthew Mercer (Critical Role), Satine Phoenix (GM Tips, Maze Arcana), Shanna Germain (Monte Cook Games), Andrew Armstrong (Dawnforged Cast), Brian Feister (Open Legend), and Ryan Schapals (Open Legend) to learn how to level up your improvisation game through a series of LIVE challenges where panelists challenge each other’s improv skills in unscripted scenarios, followed by a breakdown of the thought process that goes into improv. Get a glimpse into the minds of skilled improv storytellers and learn how to make every roll in your game meaningful by drawing on connections and inspiration from unexpected sources to create compelling stories.


Holy Molly! Will this be available on streaming after the event? I’m pretty psyched about this, but I’m also in Europe and, y’know, work and sleep, that kind of things…

Since it is on Youtube, yes, the livestreams are always available after the fact. And you can use the same link.

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This seems to be the place:


updated with the correct link :wink:

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That was pretty cool. Much better once the good audio version was available :smile:

@brianfeister, thanks for doing these sorts of things. Lots of fun!

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