Line AoE and some clarity

does the line aoe come from the creature/pc causing it or does it come from a point of origin within the creatures attribute range?

so for example

player A uses a line aoe 20 feet away from them and it goes the average 10ft range to the left of its origin to hit a creature he saw run around the corner.

is that acceptable use of the wording for how its done or would it need to come from him and he makes it bank to the left to follow it around the corner as i have seen it can make multiple turns based on how it is worded. Unless the part of being able to create several lines only includes it going linear instead of making lines like in tron

The lines must be in the range, as you can’t go past your range. As long as a corner touches you should be OK, but in the end ask your GM as things might work a certain way in the world you are playing in.

The lines can connect in just about any way, however your ability to do it where you can’t see is going to be up the way your character works, the GM, and the world.

Always harder to answer when the question is made in a vacuum.