[LFP 3/3 Roll20/Discord] Horror Themed Playtest

Hi there,

I’m looking for 3 players to join me for a couple of adventures (3 to 4 sessions) in my next setting, to test out the homebrew rules tied to that setting. So, when will these sessions take place? I’m aiming to start these adventures on the 19th of January, running from there on on Saturdays starting around 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 11:00 PST.

You can find said homebrew sub-systems that will the emphasis of the testing here:

The adventures will take place in Duermar, a cold region that has only been settled for about 100 years by Gnomes and Humans in this early medieval-like low-fantasy era and has been plagued by a strange affliction called “the Corruption” during the last 20 years, causing people to go mad, loose control or transform into horrible creatures.

Every adventure will be played at a different level of character progression, to test out how these homebrew rules affect the game during the different stages of a campaign. As such, it will be very important for players to work with me during character creation and share their experience and opinions with me after the sessions, so that adjustements can be made, if necessary. That doesn’t mean though that the players need any experience with OL, on the contrary, I would rather assemble a good mix of people with varying degrees of knowledge and experience with OL to get wide array of feedback.

So, if you are interested in having some fun and helping to refine some homebrew rules, than feel free to hit me up!


I would like to join the play test as for my experience I’m a new player and havens really played any games yet keep in mind I’m young like before puberty young so yeah though i have two questions

  1. how you seem to speak we can only play gnomes and humans i would like confirmation on that

  2. if we CAN play as other races would artificial creatures like a golem per say have a resistance to the corruption?

(edit) i do have a character i made here https://openlegend.heromuster.com/character?s=jriem799

Hi there,

Yes there will be indeed only Humans and Gnomes, as you noted correctly.

I’m sorry to let you know though that I don’t think that I want to have a pre-teen in these sessions, as this might veer into some darker themes, and I’m not sure that I would be comfortable having such a young player during these moments “at the table”.

that’s fine but I’m fine with diving into the inky black pit that is dark themes

by the way if you do eventually let me in I have one more question is it ok to have half races crossed with humans or gnomes because in normal use the character I sent you is half dragon but I could have him fully human and toss out the alternate form I

Hello I’m Alex, looking to join if still slots?
Timezone: EST
Language: English
Format: Any works
Availibility: really depends, mostly weekends, but some week time after 7pm as well.
Experience: I have played roleplay games for 6 months over discord in the past, pretty heavily, and played video games for over almost 2 decades and had interest in roleplay for a long time.

Character Idea: I have a bunch, but for this game, it really depends on the type of characters needed and the setting, I have a few we can talk about :blush:

there’s still slots nobody joined yet from what i know

Hi there Alex,

there are still slots open, but keep in mind this will not be a traditional campaign, but more like 3, maybe 4 short adventures, so the characters will probably change throughout these. Also, keep in mind this is also a test for the above mentioned mechanics, so I’ll have to insist on certain aspects during character creation. So I’ll be involved in character creation, especially with a new player, to help out if there are any problems or system questions.

If you are fine with these requirements, than feel free to hit me up over on discord (which we will also use for voice during sessions) so that we can talk a bit about your ideas, the setting and any questions you might have. :grin:

Hey there,

I didn’t frequent the boards for a bit because of too much going on at the moment, so that’s why I’m replying this late. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable to GM such a young player, even if the player is fine with it, because I’d have the feeling of having to monitor my words, which would be a bit too stressful to me because for this I have to really pay attention to mechanics and take on how the sessions turn out.


Hi, my name is Ben and I am very interested in playtesting this homebrew system. I have read through it and find it very interesting. Obviously, it is important that I am the right player for you so here is some information about myself:

  • I am 21 years old with about a decade of experience in Dungeons and Dragons and a couple years of experience in open legend. I have a huge interest in character creation and am very interested in building my own homebrew material. I believe that I can adequately help revise and refine your homebrew system with you. I find this horror-themed adventure fascinating and I would love to be a part of building a character in this world and helping you hash it out.

Please let me know what I can do.

Hi there Ben,

I’ll send you a message with my Discord handle so you can PM me and we’ll talk a bit in private!