[LFM (15/15)] Announcing "In Panagao" (a West Marches campaign)

Hi there fellow Legends,

I’m looking for a group of players to start a new campaign: In Panagao - Land of lost Legends.
This campaign will be a West Marches (from now on I will use the acronym WM) styled campaign. For those who aren’t familiar with that style let me give you a brief overview: (but if you want an in depth explanation here is a great video by Matthew Colville on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGAC-gBoX9k&t=1340s)

A WM-campaign is about the exploration of an uncharted region, by a pool of players, that way more players can join in on the action. One of the probably biggest differences to a regular campaign is that there is no fixed schedule, but rather players propose timeslots (after getting my OK) and then other the players can join in for the proposed session. Most games will either be scheduled during the week between 18.00 and 23.00 CEST (Fridays can go later) or on Saturdays. So if you want to join make sure that you are available during a few of these slots.

A few quick words on the setting: Panagao is a region that was inaccessible for the longest time, but after the invention of airships, people from the city are finally able to escape their fate and go out exploring again. So we have traditional fantasy, but with a steampunk influences. More details will be edited in and I’m in the process of writing a campaign document, which will be added soon.

If this looks interesting to you or if you have questions about the campaign style or the setting, just leave a comment I’ll get back to it as soon as possible.

Edit: Updated the campaign document. Online_Campaign_In_Panagao_2.pdf (596.6 KB)

Edit: Roll20-link - https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/80852/in-panagao

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Sounds awesome! I’d be interested.

I’m definitely interested!

Im interested, but do I have to play every game? or can I just jump in when I have time (joys of real life :stuck_out_tongue: )? I’m assuming this will be done on Roll20??

Typically, the way a West Marches game works is ideal for players to come and go on different sessions. I’m sure this is how VanGo is intending it as well, but I’m not speaking for him.

OL actually makes a West Marches game even better, b/c in D&D it might become hard to meld players of varying levels, but in OL that’s hardly an issue at all.

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Indeed, you can hop into a game at your heart’s pleasure. The game will be held on Roll20 and will use Discord for voice.

Would love to play in a WM style game. I have DMed OL but never played so being a payer also sounds fun. Anyways just keep me posted so I can see if the times work out.

I would be interested in joining. How do I apply / sign up?

I would also be very interesting, however my Time Zone is AST and i can best play on sundays and maybe a bit through out the week. May be hard to get to games with my times zone. But would love to play this, ever since this post i’ve wanted to try a west March game.

So to anyone who has expressed interest in the campaign: Make sure that you can actually make time from time to time during these timeslots! If you are in a different timezone than me, make sure that you convert them to your timezone and doublecheck if you can participate in the campaign. If that’s the case, please confirm in the thread and if you confirm, I’ll shoot you a PM.

Also, I’ll add a campaign document in the next one or two days, so if anyone is undecided, just check in after I uploaded the document to learn more about the setting.

I hope I am not to late, but I am also interested in playing!

No, you are not late! There are still open spots to be filled! Do you have Discord? If yes, shoot me your username in a PM, if not get it, you’ll need it. :wink:

Update: Added setting information and made some changes to the Campaign Document.

Hey VanGo I would love to play. I can make it from time to time and think this could be cool. :slight_smile:

Great! Check your PMs!

I am interested in playing and can make most of the time slots!

Bump. There are still a few spots open and the campaign will start in about a week!

They say better later than never! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Is the offer still up?

Absolutely! Players can even still join later in the campaign, but you might make it to the first session next Friday. :wink: I’ve sent you an invite.

Did you fill all of the slots? I would love to play. I’m getting prep’ed to run Open Legend for a local group and I would love to actually play it before I DM it. :slight_smile: