LFG Offline in Spokane/CDA area

Willing to host at my place weekly. I’ll even put in time as a GM though I’d really like to play, perhaps Trading off. Might even be willing to try a Co-GM thing though I’ve had bad experiences with how those tend to work. Willing to play anything it doesn’t have to be this, though I’d like to play this at some point.

the basics:
Happily Married w/ Kids (not interested in couple swapping)
non-smoker (not even weed)
Have a Job
Showers daily


All right guess there is no takers on the offline… anyone playing OL on roll20 that doesn’t mind a newb?

Sadly i live on the other side of the US. But i am interested in running a magic western. My wife plays and some timea my 6 year old. But im willing to take you on. Pm me ill send you invite to roll 20 group