Lethal Strikes Questions

  1. Does the advantage to attacks given by the Lethal Strike conditions also affect Bane attacks?

  2. If yes to 1, does the lethal damage portion apply to the damage from a Persistent Damage Bane attack?

  3. If yes to 2, is the lethal applied to the first X amount of damage done or per tick?

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Staring out of order:

  1. No, persistent damage isn’t an attack, it is an effect (the damage from it, to inflict the bane is an attack of course)

  1. technically it mentions attack, and not damaging attacks, so it applies to all attacks. Terminology wise, you will find Damaging Attacks / Attacks / Bane Attacks. If it says attacks, it applies to both.

Some GMs will choose that it does not apply to bane attacks though, as all the effects wordage is geared towards damage. That is their choice to make, so checking with the GM is usually your best option.

Personally, I’d allow it in my games, as it makes sense to me, and I don’t believe it to be over powered to allow it. I understand some GMs not wanting to allow it though.

Thanks for the info!