Legends of Today Modern Fantasy Setting

Hey Legendary people! I’m starting work on a new campaign setting for OL based on the modern day where fantasy and magical creatures are becoming common. Inspirations are Shadowrun, D&D and lots of great TV/movies like Stranger Things, Buffy, X-Files, Dr. Strange, etc

You could check it out at https://legendsoftodayrpg.blogspot.com/

Appreciate any feedback!


Looks quite interesting. Should give me some reading material tonight :smiley:


Thanks! It’s a lot of fun to write! Comments appreciated!

Maintaining two documents sucks, but I’ve found a Google Doc of written content is a great way to minimize the difficulty in providing feedback, thereby maximizing the amount of it you’ll get.

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So, keep the website materials in a Google Doc to enable easy comment tags? Sounds good. I don’t think I’d want to host that link on the website but maybe link it here?

Updates: been seeing some great traffic on the blog. No comments yet, but looking forward to them!

Wrote at adventure and did a live playtest with new players this week! So much fun! It was easy for people to pick up and I had a great time running the game with minimal stress.
Blog post with the adventure and my thoughts:
The YouTube of the session:


@hanschun my friend, I love your site. I’ll be pouring over it when I have time!

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Thanks! I really appreciate that. Also, any feedback on the info, setting, etc would be appreciated!

I’ve added another Campaign example to the blog; this one is a mysterious small town setting like Twin Peaks or many of Lovecraft’s tales.

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I also added some Magical Creatures I built using the Open Legend Quick NPC rules and a post on my why/how to building them!



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Adding yet more content to this blog.
Started a series of articles detailing the player races and describing them, getting away from our usual tropes and giving them a little more OL oomph!

Also, some new setting details as people react to the idea of magic and the Boss NPC The Polluted Dragon!


Added a new Monster Slayer archetype inspired by a popular TV show about a Slayer…

Coming soon will be the Keeper, the mystical scholar partner of the Monster Slayer!

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Woah Man! This is amazing!

I actually started on a sort of similar setting a few weeks back. It’s more about fantastical beasts and legends but also set in a “modern” 1900-1930 setting. In my case the whole mythical world is still super secret and i wanted to do some sort of “Tomb Raider-ish” Adventures first and foremost. So like going out in to the wildest craziest places on the back of some esoteric research and finding amazing things.
But the ideas in your blog are amazing!
Now I really want to flesh out some the secret, mythical societies in the “established World”.

I hope you don’t mind if I steal some stuff :wink:

It’s open to the community; please use as you like. Also, if you have any ideas, I’m interested in hearing them!
I like your setting concept! It sounds like it will be a lot of fun! My major inspiration was Shadowrun with the idea that magic is ‘out there’, so I am thinking about what the world would be like if everyone knew there was magic.
I appreciate you giving your feedback!

Something I’ve been reflecting on lately is introducing Open Legend as the first RPG for new players and GMs. I wrote a quick blog entry on this; following it up with a ‘prep, run, play your first session’ post.

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