Legendary Clothing

Hello Open Legion.

I was wondering what the plans are for OL branded t-shirts etc? I’d love to get my hands on one or some laptop stickers etc. Will they be available online in the future?

Presently you can get stickers for sure at any of the conventions that Open Legend is at. There are t-shirts already, and I believe they, and other items, will be available from the website.

I don’t know any dates of when that will be right now though, nor the extent of the merchandise planned aside from PDF, books, and settings.

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Hmm, that reminds me, @brianfeister I sent you HeroMuster stickers in trade but I don’t remember receiving?


Ah, thanks for the reminder. I’ll get some out to you @ucffool . Email me your address again (I probably already have it) but the email will serve as a reminder to re-send.

Yeah, once I get a proper store setup on the Open Legend website and books are located at the distributors so that fulfillment can happen immediately upon purchase, I’ll send them the Open Legend shirts I have on hand and add those shirts to the online store.

In the meantime, we’ll sell the shirts at Pax Unplugged, so if the shirt is worth the cost of a plane ticket for ya, you can be part of the exclusive inner circle of “first wave t-shirt open legonnaires”

The shirts are the ones @Ryan and I are seen wearing here (and there is a black + gold variant):


Stranger things have happened…

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