[Legendary] Chancey's Belt of Defiance

Tyna Chancey

Tyna Chancey grew up in the Pre-Entropic Fulmination of Tenebris Crepitus. Having a father who was both easily detracted with persuits of the arcane and divine while simultaneously expecting great feats from his only daughter made childhood interesting.

The Family

While Vega would often grow frustrated with his daughters easy going nature and her tendency to run off making new friends to play with, he would be quickly tempered by Valin. She had a way of calming her husband with the slightest of touches and would often make it so Tyna could be a happy child.

The Development

Tyna would show to be a prodigious child, however. Her eyes seemed capable of seeing the arcane in the air around her, and see the cause before the effect. Even with her many social distractions, she came to a level close to her father in understanding and even in arcane item construction. At least Tyna thought she was on nearly the same level.

The Build Up

Vega would constantly test the arcane and items on his daughter, knowing that Tyna could see the cause, and react in time against any effect. Growing quite tiresome of this, though, an idea came to mind of an interesting item. And thus she began her defiance, a belt that would be quite interesting indeed.

The Idea

This belt would be able to ward off damage of varying types, depending on what the device would be attuned to. Not only would it ward off, but it would also absorb this damage, storing it. A grin was on her face as she thought of how the wearer could then use this stored “damage”, and the possibilities were so big. It was like her brain was on fire, shooting off synapses and seeing so many different causes and effects that could happen.

Defiance Realized

There was no way Tyna could have know the power that hid in the tools she choose to use that day. Well, perhaps that is unfair, she could have known, had her brain not been so abuzz with excitement at the mind image she saw. The young woman had slipped into a part of the workshop her father had kept her away from, but this must be where the best tools where. Since they were the best tools, it shouldn’t be surprising that they felt different.

She toiled away, using exotic materials she had hunted down, and some new ones she found that day in the workshop. Vega, called off to tackle a mysterious problem that had begun to plague the land, was unaware and far away. Plucking away at strings, reshaping them while mixing and winding into power and storage. The belt was soon finished, and it gleamed with power.

The Unused

Tyna had planned to surprise Vega with the belt, and how it would protect her. But like many plans that week, they were changed. The Entropic Fulmination happened, forever changing the landscape of the world she lived on, and changing many of the peoples, the least of which was her father.

The Lost Legendary Belt

The belt was used, and many reports of its abilities spread. What happened to Tyna, and her belt, however, seemed to be lost like so many things that happened in the Post-Entropic Fulmination.

Chancey’s Belt of Defiance

Legendary Item

This belt will automatically fit itself to the wearer, revealing itself in a flash of images. The wearer must roll a resolve related save (Will or similar approved by the GM) against a target CR of 15 or suffer being stunned for 24 hours after having this revelation. Upon successfully meeting or beating CR 15, or after the 24 hours, the wearer will understand the inner workings of the belt.

The belts buckle is engraved with many symbols that each represent a different type of damage (determined by the GM) that can be inflicted in the world. This buckle actually rotates, and whichever symbol is upon the top, the wearer gains a +6 to all their defenses against that damage type always while wearing the belt. In addition, they gain an additional +6 for a duration detailed below in the Special section.

The belt also as the ability to “store” damage of each type. The wearer can choose to expend a damage type that is “full” to gain Advantage 2 to a damaging attack. This damaging attack may take on the damage type that is expended.

In addition, if more than 1 damage type is expended, the wearer gains a number of advantage equal to the number of expended damage types plus 1. The wearer may choose which type of damage the attack takes from those expended.

If all damage types are expended, the wearer may simply roll 10d8 for the amount of damage inflicted without rolling an attack action roll (the attack automatically succeeds).

Boon (Resistance 5)
Boon (Truesight 9 + Precognition 1)


Truesight & Precognition

Truesight and Precognition are available only to belt itself. When an attack is coming, the belt can see the cause before the effect happens. There is a chance that the belt will automatically change the dial on the buckle to the correct resistance type (10+ on a d12) if it is not already there.

Changing Damage Type

The wearer may spend a Free Action on their turn to change the belt to any damage type they wish, and may do so with a thought, meaning that even if they are unable to move, as long as they are able to think, the damage type will change.

Resistance & Storing Damage

The first time the wearer is subject to a successful damaging attack of the type the belt is currently attuned to, immediately subtract 6 from the attack roll, and the belt is fully charged for that type of damage. If this causes the damaging attack to now miss (or fail, and therefore not subject to a Defend Interrupt), the wearer does not take any damage. If the damaging attack roll is still successful (which means a Defend Interrupt may be attempted, but based on the new value of the damaging attack roll [that is, the action roll minus 6]), then the wearer takes the new damage amount.

Once a damage type is charged, the belt is no longer is able to subtract from a damaging attack roll.

What this means mechanically

In essence, this belt affords the wearer a +6 to all defenses against any attack of the type specified. The belt then affords an additional +6 vs a damaging attack action roll while it is not charged with that type of damage.

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Oh, you can view it here too, on the really neat WorldAnvil:

I like the idea and especially the backstory behind it!

There are two main things bothering me a bit though, as expressed on the discord server:

How many Damage types can be resisted? The phrase

leads me to believe there are a finite amount of them.

And secondly, when comparing 10d8 straight Damage to other “very powerful” Damage abilities of Legendary Items, namely the Void Cannon and the Retributive Strike of the Staff of the Archmage, it seems like quite a lot of Damage.

The Void Cannon either disintegrates a target completely or deals 50 Damage when using the Void ability, which has multiple demerits associated with it, such as the warm-up time, the cooldown and the imprecise targeting possibly doing a lot of collateral damage to allies and/or bystanders, maybe objects.

The Retributive Strike does an Attack using 1d20 + 4d8 with 9 Advantage, doing an average Attack of about 40 (even though highly susceptible to get enormous results), which also has major demerits, killing the wielder and doing a lot of collateral damage as well.

This seems to do about 50 Damage as well, but has only the minor demerit of draining some (potentionally hard to get) charges. It even has some benefits as the increased Resistance is reusable now. As you wrote it, it can be targeted on anyone precisely and can be Multi-Targeted however pleased.

I would suggest reducing the Damage somewhat and adding negative consequences, such as fixed targeting, blacking out (Incapacitated) and/or gaining Fatigue, possibly with a save to lessen the effects.

The numbers were taken from here: https://openlegend.github.io/open-legend-stat-gen/index.html

@Great_Moustache specified that Damage types should be up to the GM and be fitted to setting and gusto on the discord.

this actually is not accurate, as it is not doing some of the explosions correctly. A know issue by Brian that was going to be fixed later,b ut wasn’t really a priority. It probably isn’t too far off though overall.

There are a few things left out directly, but alluded to in the backstory that would help explain some of high damage output there.

BUT, the main thing is the high unlikely hood of actually gathering all the damage “types”. My initial assumption was the possibility of around 18 types. The amount of advantage would be crazy at that point, so I know it is an auto hit, and decided to just do damage, and do around half the attribute dice of Attribute Score 10 because of how much you’d have to collect, and some types would be probably very rare in the world.

I’ve updated the text above to reflect this better. Initially I figured in the description:

The belts buckle is engraved with many symbols that each represent a different type of damage that can be inflicted in the world.

covered what the GM decided. Now I added (determined by the GM)

I might could do the amount of dice damage based on half the amount of damage types. On the multi-target note, I thought I had verbage of “vs target” (not plural), but the idea of multi-targetting is interesting.

Maybe I could do flat damage amount… or something else. but I did write this up while pretty tired from my traveling. The main thing was rewarding the long time it would take to collect all the different types of damage.

I’ll think about possible downsides, and maybe requiring 1 or more Focus Actions to activate all the charges.

so, I tried to break Roll20.

I did 1000 rolls of d20+13d8kh4 and divided them by 1000. it took awhile, but it eventually did it all.

The average of 1000 rolls was 49.028

for 10d8, avg of 1000 rolls was 52.403



who knows if I slowed down the whole shard/server that was working on those 2. Breaking them down to 100 at a time is a bit better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: