Lack of resources

Although I’m really enjoying open legend, I do find myself missing the premade and tested maps, items, npcs, animal stats, etc… If anyone had any links or has already made these themselves please share them!

For premade maps, you should just be able to use any maps from any other grid-based system like D&D or Pathfinder.

There are a lot of example items already in the core rules under “special equipment” but there’s a few more on the wiki (the link for which should be in a purple box at the top of this page).

The wiki also has a few NPCs, and there’s a Fantasy Bestiary on DriveThruRPG which was made by a community member. The excellent Heromuster site also has a random NPC generator that can help you with ideas. The quick-build system in the core rules is really super easy with some practice though, it takes me less than 5 minutes to put together an encounter with 2-4 unique enemy types starting with just an idea.

As for animals, we generally don’t bother statting them up for Open Legend unless they’re meant to be a combat encounter, because Every Roll Matters and if your level 1 character can’t kill a bird without expending a lot of effort then something has gone wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


There is also a free monster book here. It includes things made by other members of the community.


Sam forgot to mention the Extraordinary Item Creator on Heromuster (, which is especially great if you don’t have that much experience with the item creation rules as it eases much of the learning curve.

OL is a genre-neutral system, which has the great advantage of being immensely flexible, but has the disadvantage of not having any absolute answers to the questions you are asking. Lets say you want the stats for a wolf, than the setting and genre of the campaign plays greatly into how you would stat a wolf. For a gritty fantasy campaign, a bunch of wolves could pose a serious threat to a group of adventurers, but in a superhero campaign wolves reprrsent minions at best.

This is why context greatly matters in OL and makes building Items, PCs, Vehicles and Encounters in a vacuum a bit pointless.


The link for the Fantasy Bestiary seems to not be working. Maybe we can fix that? Or should some one make a new one?

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it has been over a year for this post. If you search on drive through RPG for Open Legend it will probably come up though.

You’ll find it isn’t as needed though, as it is very easy to make creatures in OL once you start doing it. It does help to have a jumping off point though!

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I completely agree with you great sir! I wanted it as a resource when people ask me if thier is a bestiary. I normally show them your youtube video, then explain to them it is so easy. But some people still want a bestiary.

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