Knowledge = Specialized

Looking at the Knowledge feat, it is really cool how you can use feats to become specialized in a specific knowledge set rather than having to get the general skill itself. That had me thinking, why not branch that off into other skills as well. I was wanting to create a pilot that didn’t exactly have much in the way of stealthing or shooting. So, I was wondering: How over powered would it be to make the Knowledge feat into a “Specialized” feat that allows you to choose a skill like Piloting out of the Agility section? Also, with other attributes as well. Although, I can’t name any other examples at the moment. Thoughts?

You don’t need feats at all.

Open Legend is about Self-Limiting, so simply decide that in your background and you are done. Anytime you come up to do something that he isn’t good at, you can just decide he can’t do it, or can’t do it well. Nothing complicated needed.

Also, there is nothing that says Piloting is from Agility, btw. Could easily be Logic or Learning. Knowledge Skills are for out of combat actions generally too, so you need more detail there. What kind of Piloting are we talking about? Piloting vehicles, Piloting Hover craft, Piloting Space Ship? What kind of setting? So many possibilities and variety of things.

Self-Limitation is better route, or Flaws.

It is for a Steampunk campaign (high fantasy) so it would be for more piloting Vehicles with wheels and some hovercraft. I see what you mean about the Knowledge feat usually pertaining to out of combat skills. Generally most of our stuff is in combat (like using Logic or specific knowledges to figure out puzzles while the rest of the party holds back the unrelenting force) so I didn’t think of it like that. I see the point about Self-Limitation, but a “Specialization” can partially copy the Rouge’s “Reliable Talent” from D&D 5th Edition which I found always pretty awesome. Can always rely on the person to succeed on their mission. However, looking at the conversion guide, it makes sense why a thing like this isn’t really applied to other skills outside of Learning.

I created a character/NPC that has “Skill Specialization” in agility b/c of lockpicking and related feats. They are good with their hands and a tomb/dungeon delver of types, so that fits thematically for them.

Skill specialization and Knowledge are two different feats though.

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