Kinds of Quests

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Obviously, the majority of our players want to feel like they have a purpose for their characters in the game to some degree, right? Most players don’t invest their time in RPGs just to have their characters sit around twiddlin them thumbs. So we have to give them something to do!

So then, what? What do we get them to do? What can we engage our audience with?


They need to have goals. And it’s part of our job to give them these goals, and then to give them an idea of how to accomplish these goals. Makes sense, right?

So here’s what I want from YOU (the Open Legend Community):

  • Share with everybody (in the Replies) some unique ideas that you’ve had for quest lines.
  • Look at some of the other Replies, and get some more ideas for your own campaign!

I’ll get thing started with a few generic quests. Let’s get those out of the way:

  • Rescue Mission (save the princess)
  • Monster Hunt (slay the fire-breathing dragon)
  • Treasure Hunt (find the relic sword)

Let’s see how creative we can be here!
(yes, I am challenging you :smiling_imp:)


Creativity’s overrated anyway! :wink:
Here are just a few ideas:

  • Escort mission (escort a caravan through a harsh environment towards a new colony, a noble from planet a to planet b through an asteroid belt or even the last representative of some species to a science lab!)
  • Spying on suspicious activity (Me think dem might be vampires!)
  • Find the origin of some environmental peculiarity (Where to these flying rocks come from?! Why are the clouds so dark all of a sudden?! The river is completely dry, we must find its source!)
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Lazyweb cheat:

John Ross’ Big List of RPG Plots

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Wow! Awesome link, @GartLarissa !
I especially liked this one:

Long Or Short Fork When Dining On Elf?

The PCs are a diplomatic vanguard, trying to open up (or shore up) either political or trade relations with a strange culture. All they have to do is manage for a day or so among the strange customs without offending anybody . . . and what information they have is both incomplete and dangerously misleading.

Common Twists & Themes:
The PCs were chosen by somebody who knew they weren’t prepared for it - an NPC trying to sabotage the works (pinning this villain might be necessary to avert disaster).

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Maybe a delivery of some kind to an important figure, either smuggling, or working with the law. The twist is someone else wants whatever it is they are delivering, and will do anything to get it.

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