July '22 Update: GM Screens are Shipping

GM Screens are Shipping right NOW!

I am very happy (extremely delighted, overjoyed) to say that the GM Screens have started to ship to backers from the distribution warehouse.

I’ve been told most, if not all, of the people who responded before June 25th should be out the door today. There should be emails generated with tracking numbers sent as well. A few people have responded after the 25th, and I’m sending that info over as well and they should get started within a few days.

I will continue to look for people to respond with address confirmations for the coming month, and as soon as I tidy up the PDF for download version (slightly different sizes to be more printer friendly), I will send that to the backers via Backerkit with one more chance to catch people who haven’t received/responded to the address confirmation email (there were 4 that bounced to old email addresses from edu or similar it seems).

Where is my Address Confirmation Email?

If you haven’t seen one, check your spam folders. The title of the email was: “GM Screen Address Confirmation”.

When can I purchase a GM Screen?

As the GM Screens are shipping to backers, I will be opening up sales for those that did not grab the add-on in the coming week. A portion will be kept aside for those backers that haven’t responded to Address Confirmations for the next several months to ensure they aren’t sold.

What’s Next for Kickstarter Rewards

This was the last big item on the list, and the one that was holding me back due to the expense. It is quite a big load off my shoulders getting this one out. I plan on launching a new Kickstarter for Open Legend Zines now that this physical item has shipped, it didn’t feel right launching a new Kickstarter with such items still outstanding.

The only remaining item is getting art for Fields of Harnerton, the minor social goals that unlocked mass combat and social intrigue, and converting some of the original art for desktop wallpapers. The minor social goals I’ll be releasing on the website to be updated with the core rules as they are developed (as these were for everyone).

Thank You Open Legion

As always, I’m thankful for such a great community. Seeing people interacting in the forums between new people coming in and old returning. I love hearing the stories of games, and the varied questions people have.

Please continue to spread word of mouth so our community can grow and we can see more great additions to the system.


Your Open Legend Caretaker,

Jonathan aka Great Moustache

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Just received mine! Wanted to start out by saying thank you for continuing to support open legend. even though the community is small we are all still very passionate about the project. I still fully believe this is the best role playing system out there.

The GM screen is beautiful and all the information is useful and well presented. I cant imagine playing the game without it now.

The only con is the material it is printed on. When someone says GM screen you think a thick piece of board but instead we have cardstock.

I’m sure it is to cut cost as I mentioned the community is small and I doubt money is just rolling in for these kind of projects. And shipping could not have been cheap. When the gm screen gets added to the shop I think it is going to be important to mention somewhere that the material is card stock so that way people can make an informed purchase.

To end even though I am disappointed by the material the art and information is amazing and I will be using this tool every time my group plays going forward. I am so glad to finally have the gm screen for this amazing role playing system.