Items with Tiers

So this concept crossed my strange little Brain and I wanted to see what this community thought about it. What if certain extraordinary items hade different power levels, and achieving certain goals or achievements could power up the item

Something like this.

I was curious how hard this could be to replicate

I know we helped someone do something like this already, but maybe it was in the discord chat and not posted to the community site… I’ll see if I can find it, and if not, try and post something later.

Here we go, the person put forth this on a google document:

I suggested this info:

one issue I can see with this is that it lists a blanket WL cost to upgrading the armor. That means if I am at WL 3, that’s great for me compared to someone at WL 5+

WL isn’t a linear progression, its exponential, so someone losing 2 WL when they are at a higher WL is going to lose a lot more than someone lower on the scale.

Now, that might be OK, b/c maybe the armor is linked to the wearer, so it has to be a worthy expenditure from the person for the armor to allow more access to it.

From what I gathered, the items require some sort of expenditure or event or quest to be able to level up. Instead of WL, you could expand further on what is required perhaps.

Or even word it something along the lines of “For the SpiderSilk to bear more secrets to you, you must show you are able to live with less, like a spider whose web is destroyed by the wind, and must rebuild. (Show yourself capable by giving up 1 WL to another)”

“For the SpiderSilk to bear a new level of secrets, you must show your williness to suffer. Surviving the posion of another, and like a spider during a drought, able to survive on much less. (Survive a spider bite […] and give away 2 WL)” etc etc.

so that might help get you going on it, more perhaps later.

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Thank you. This advice will give me a launch point for ideas. I will post what I get in a few days.