[Item] Longsword of the Charmer

Here you go Game Masters, though be careful which player you give this to!

A sword, that when you cut into someone “real good” (5+ damage) the wielder can Charm the target. So the target falls in love (or consider very friendly) when they are cut heavily by the sword.

#Longsword of the Charmer
WL 3; Weapon (Longsword); Damage (Fire); Baneful (Charm); Potent

Damage (Fire) - Means the wielder can choose for the damage type to be Fire instead of Forceful/Precise

Baneful (Charm) - you may automatically inflict charmed if your damaging attack roll exceeds the target’s defense by 5 or more. The bane can be triggered this way in lieu of other banes, even if the item or wielder cannot access the bane. The invoking attribute for this bane is equal to the attacking attribute.

Potent - Targets suffer disadvantage 1 on resist rolls to shake off banes inflicted by this item.

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Good ol swordomasacism

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