Integrating the Rules into a Freeware Game

First, I want to apologize if this topic seems to be in a wrong category.

I want to bring in the core rules into my developing video game, but the Community License sort of concerns me. I have a few ideas for abilities. Some of those would probably fit right into existing stuff, but a few may not. For instance, health-draining that heals the caster in “creative” ways, like through energy shields.

Another core item relates to faith. My video game includes Bible scripture. Obviously, some people would not enjoy that. I am wondering how that would affect me in regards to the Community License.

Thank you for your insight. I appreciate your time.

safest thing is to e-mail seventh sphere directly:

Life Drain Boon is something to check out, and regeneration can be flavored as what you described too, though in a video game, flavor/fluff is a little harder to do.

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Okay. Thank you for your response.

hope you plan to share your game here when its done.

Thanks for the backing. I really hope so, too. I am familiar with adding to game engines, not baking them from pure scratch. I fortunately can make some pretty effects, relying on a few a bit older tools.