Initiative when switching equipment

I want some clarification on the rules regarding initiative real quick.

Weapons can either have the Swift, or Slow or neither as a property. These 2 properties grant you advantage 2 and disadvantage 2 to initiative respectively when you draw or commit to drawing them as your weapon of choice when combat ensues.

However, a character can have multiple weapons to switch between with a minor action, or as a free action with the help of the Fast Draw feat.

The rules doesn’t have anything written on it regarding what happens when you switch weapons.
So what’s stopping a character from drawing a weapon with swift to gain advantage on initiative only to then switch to a slower more powerful weapon as soon as possible?

Does everyone have to re-roll initiative every round? (Which is annoying and slows down combat)
Do you have to re-roll initiative when you switch weapons? (Which can still be somewhat exploited to give you good initiative if you just keep switching until you get a good roll but most likely this will never happen and is pretty improbable and is equally as likely to give you a worse roll anyway.)

Just a little confused as to how to handle such a situation since I have no idea how I’d rule this as the GM if this rather rare situation would ever come up.

(Left this system a couple months back when I finally got my hands on a copy of the D&D 5e rules but now me and my group want to go back and play in this system again! So now I’m taking the burden to re-read and refamiliarize myself with the rules. I might have just missed a thing, things might have changed when I left… I might have ruled this some way before but now I’ve forgotten. I dunno, all I know is I want some clarification.)

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roll initiative once, that’s it, never again!

That’s the rules, yes it could technically be exploited by switching weapons, but that is also what the GM is there for. If a player keeps doing it, and it is making things UN-FUN at the table, then say they can’t do it anymore. That’s what the GM is there for.

If it isn’t ruining anyones fun, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

this is the case for surprise, initiative doesn’t change after surprise, it is locked in once it is rolled and ordered (non-surprised before any surprised). You don’t re-arrange the order after the first round.

That’s it? What an awfully convenient and simple answer.
Well thanks!
I’m just gonna let them switch weapons as they please until I impulsively decide “that’s enough switchin’!!!” huehuehuehuehue.
Maybe limit it to once every 3 rounds or something so there’s at least a rule if it gets out of hand since no one in my group likes constantly changing rules.

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Yeah, I mean, if a character is built around changing weapons, then I’m all for it, but in most cases it doesn’t really serve a purpose in OL. Not that it can’t. Can see it more for an extraordinary crafter.

Hey, when rolling for initiative I make my players choose the weapon they intend to use for the first round or surprise round and that determines what swifts and slows they get :slight_smile:

If they have Weapon out but plan to draw a new one first turn I let them use the the new ones Swift/slow but lock them to that weapon for the first turn.

hope this helped ::slight_smile: