Infinite Boon Invocations with Boon Focus tier 2?

Time for me to question whether or not I’ve been playing the game right or not.
This question involves minor actions.
Minor actions are really confusing honestly. So versatile, so powerful!

So my confusion comes from two things.
The rules on minor actions, and Boon Focus. Specifically tier 2.

Starting off, to quote Chapter 7 Combat from the official rules website:
The following is written regarding Minor Actions:
"Minor actions are tasks that don’t require much time or effort, but often set up larger actions. You may take any number of minor actions on your turn, but you cannot take more than one of the same type of minor action."

So my confusion comes from the last sentence.
What constitutes as a type of minor action, and what doesn’t constitute as a type of minor action?

At tier 2 of the Boon Focus feat, most Boons become invoke-able with a Minor Action.
To explain my confusion, I shall introduce an example build, and then I will use an example scenario.

So for our character, only their feats matter, and let’s say this character has these feats:
Boon Focus II (Heal)
Boon Focus II (Resistance)

Both boons are normally invoked using a major action, but with boon focus, it turns into a minor action instead.

So let’s say we are in a fight and it is now this character’s turn…
Is it allowed for that character to invoke both boons at the same round as a minor action?
They are both boon invocations of a different boon. Is that different enough that casting both is seen as a different type of minor action?
Or is it regardless of the boon being invoked, a boon invocation is a boon invocation and therefore you may only invoke either Heal or Resistance as a minor action, and to do more, a Move or Major Action must be spent?

Please and thank.


Sustaining is a minor action. YOu can only sustain 1 boon, b/c the minor action is a sustain minor action. So you even if they are different boons, you only get the 1 sustain minor action (there is a feat, but it allows you to sustain more boons with that single sustain minor action)

Same applies here for invocation. YOu would only get 1 invocation minor action.

So RAW, no, you only get 1. The other you would have to do as a Major action.



My question was simply about invocations as sustaining boons never confused me, but hopefully it’ll help someone else out instead.

It was too good to be true anyway to be able to have that much power!

Imagine a level 10 character with 5 Boon Focus II feats.
They’ll only be able to keep one at the end of their turn, but being able to activate all of that at once…!

I don’t because that already happened to me.
Hence this question.

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That was used as a point of reference/comparison, as it is similar, that although it may be for different boons, it is still the same minor action