Increase/Decrease character starting movement distance

I don’t like the fact that there is no rule for in/decreasing default character movement distance so I came up with an idea for a made up rule, so you can finally have characters that have more or less than 30’ speed! yay…?

And before you say it, I know you can in fact increase distance through the “Fleet of Foot” feat but the maximum it can do is 15’ and you can make armors give you a movement penalty.
Come to think of it apart from the “Fleet of Foot” feat there is no other way to increase movement distance, maybe we can add that as a special equipment property?
(Or maybe this is already in the rules and I just never saw them?)

Anyway, here is the rule I came up with:
on character creation you can choose to reduce your HP by 2 to gain +5’ speed, alternatively you can reduce speed by 5’ to increase HP by 2. If you ever wanted to increase speed after character creation… Idk, maybe you can spend a feat point after gaining xp to increase speed by 5’?
That does mean it’s possible to get a movement speed of 100 now, maybe? But whatever.

I guess next up is to create a rule for allowing size changing too so you can make a character that takes up 10 blocks on your grid… yay…?

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Resize rules could certainly be interesting, and if 100 speed and/or 10X sizing is possible in mechanics, the GM can just veto anyone going too far. Or not, if it’s that kind of game with that kind of players.

there is also haste.

Red, I believe this is referring to permanent speed.
For a permanent haste you would need a whole hightened invocation.

More specifically, this seems to be “How can speed be changed without boons or feats?”

While that maybe true with boon focus 2 and creating a story that this movement is natural, it doesn’t take any real action to keep this active every fight.
I would also let a player take a perk when creating their character that adds +5 to speed.

you can already create your character to take up more than the 5’ space at character creation

Most of this isn’t needed, as it can just be done by the GM depending on the setting/campaign/world.

If you want a certain people to move slower, do that. Personally I’ve always thought the 5’ slower speed of “smaller” creatures in DnD was just not needed. In combat, adrenaline is kicking in, and you aren’t moving at max speed anyways as your shifting and moving during the fight (people can cover a lot of distance in 6 seconds, it’s the typical 30 feet b/c you are being careful, cautious/aware of your surroundings).

The time that a “shorter stride” would actually come up is during extended/long travel. That is covered beautifully by a Flaw. You can make one easily, as that is what Flaws are designed to do, and just have the Flaw “Shorter Stride”. That way when you invoke it you get a Legend point (1x per session, unless GM is nice) for it b/c it negatively impacts the partiesmovement or speed to get to location, or require them to have to purchase a horse/cart/etc.

Otherwise, a setting could say you have more or less movement speed b/c of race or situation. Just like the default mode of movement might be swimming in some settings (fish/merfolk), and then you’d have either 0 ground speed or half ground speed unless you grab the FEat “Walking” (which replaces swimming b/c of the setting).

With how easy it is to heal up, I"m not sure HP for speed is a good trade off. You can just make Fleet of Foot go higher in your game if you really want more I suppose. Otherwise the bursts of speed via Haste/Flight or Boon Focus 2 (Teleport) can describe you as a faster moving person (teleport can be moving fast instead of literal teleport).

Like, an explicitly in the rules thing, or a “It’s a game about story, you don’t necessarily need a full rule for this” type thing?

it’s up to the GM for the campaign, like so many things. What makes sense and works.

Chapter on character creation

As part of deciding your race, you should also choose your size: small, medium, or large.

Right in Step 1.

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wow I forgot about that part.
I’m pretty sure me and my friends skipped that part and no one ever bothered to reread the rules ever again. >.<

Ah, noted. I’ll have to look back to see what square amounts each one correlates to.

small 5’
medium 5’
large 10’

basically. They refer a bit more to height rather than square to an extent as I recall off the top of my head. But I’ve made a few creatures that occupy a 10x10 square. And via shapeshift and grown or shrunk people as well.

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Thinking about large sized characters you do get the advantage of reach and that you might be able to do might tests that others can’t.
But the drawbacks are plenty depending on setting, navigating buildings, buying armor and potentially other custom tailored stuff, hiding in a crowd and so on. But again setting depending, could be the human who is the freak and need everything tailored in a different setting.

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I can just imagine a giant or a dwarf in a land where their kind is rare, and so they have to build their own gear to get by.