Import Characters as NPCs in Encounters

I can’t believe I didn’t do this 4 years ago… but survey feedback from an anonymous user made it clear it was dumb that it was missing.

Free and paid Encounters users will now see a button for Open Legend to Import Characters into the NPC area. If you like your NPCs more complex, this is an easy way for anything bookmarked in Open Legend My Creations to get added. There is even some smart logic that adjusts the Favored Attacks type.

If you don’t see the button immediately when you enter Encounters, wait a few seconds and then refresh (your browser is getting the new version in the background).


very nice addition

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I want to note that when I added this to my “feature request” log, I had noted it as a paid feature. After building it, while it was a time-saving feature (that is what qualifies a paid feature usually) like the built-in NPC generator, it felt disingenuous to offer one set of robust tools and then not allow the results to transfer into Encounters.
So, I made a call, and that’s why it’s a free feature for Open Legend GMs.

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