[Image Challenge] Create the NPC/Item

Took a few photos of cool items in Paris museums because they would be a great NPC inspiriation. So, come up with your best ideas!

Here’s challenge #1:

Make sure to include #1 at the beginning of your comment!


Masmerah, Scion of Omman #1
Masmerah was granted to the world by his creator, Omman, the Demiurge of Craftsmanship. The Scion travels to the many tribes, delivering knowledge of production and spurring the imagination of man. Every cycle of the seasons, the tribes prepare for his visit, gathering materials used in construction and the arts.



I was looking forward to more of these!
Keep them coming @ucffool!

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challenge #2:


Challenge #3 (an extraordinary item):


Challenge #3 accepted

Fool’s mask

Deception 3
Shapeshift 2
Cursed (Forced Move [2])
Persistent (Shapeshift)

This mask helps you change form and deceive people around you, but you can’t stay in place and have to move 5’ in a random direction each turn. You simply look like a fool who don’t know where he’s going in some case giving you disadvantage 1 to your deception roll. When you use the mask to look like yourself without the mask, you always have a dumb happy expression on your face. With enough insight, someone can see the horns at all time. (Prescience vs Deception).

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Mantle of Haished #2
Many years ago, the Shaman Beged, a worshipper of demons, fabricated the Mantle of Haished. Every full moon, Beged would scourge the neighboring villages dressed in the semblance of the demon Haished. When the shaman was slain, the cursed garments were buried with him and left alone, for a time…

Mantle of Haished

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