I have made a monster

Hey guys, have you ever got into a group and you just want to mess with them? I mean like absolutely ruin their day? And vise versa, players, have you ever just wanted to kill a monster in a campaign so bad, but you simply couldn’t? Well here you go. A weapon that can single-handedly break any campaign.

Legendary Item

“Campaign Buster”

Description:Legends say that the rage of a DM was used to mold this weapon. A destroyed campaign’s pages used to forge it. This weapon appears for those wishing to break all boundaries and possibly destroy the universe. (Not to be used in confined spaces)

Area (Line)
Area (Square)
Baneful (Death 9)
Baneful (Persistent Damage 9)
Baneful (Forced Move 8)
Powerful 3
This weapon can optionally shoot out a blade of hate filled energy, either on the ground or through the air. If the blade is launched through the floor then it leaves a trail of hate energy behind it that sustains for 1d20 wielder turns (every turn the person wielding the weapon takes) The blade continues until it collides with an object or reaches 500ft. away from the wielder. It then explodes in a 15 by 15 by 15 cube. Any enemies hit by the explosion have the death and persistent damage 9 banes inflicted on them, and any enemies who walk into the hate trail are inflicted with persistent damage 9

To be clear, I do not think you should throw this thing around willy nilly. Seriously ask yourself and your players, do we want this thing in this campaign before doing anything with this.

I think you’re supposed to put the ranges for these also, I.E. Area (Line 50) for 50 lines, each 2 squares long, making 100 5ft square, or the 500ft, Area (Cube 15) for a 15×15 cube or if you meant 15 feet, then Area (Cube 3) for that part.

Also, how high a wealth level does this get to!? I can see why you’d call an item a monster.