I am making a adventure in Mrpg chat app looking for players

Hi I am making a campaign are there Mrpg chat app. I am a new user of the app and I have made a character sheet for the open legend system. I’m trying to find new players and new users of the app to learn together or old users that can give me tips to make it a more enjoyable experience. The link for the campaign and more info is here:

A little description of the adventure:
After the war of the false God, the cities and the order of the world are in shambles. Chaos rains by the remnants of the creatures of shadow. But trade is now open, great caravans with armed escort brave the wild to establish commerce and deliver news. You are members of such a caravan. You were recruited halfway in the town of Kriva because of a diminishment of their forces from a recent battle. Your destination is the great north before the sea-river Vaalnua, of which the great town of Hornburg resides. The pay is good but the danger is equally great. You hope you will survive to reap your rewards…

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I’m willing to join any game available. Anytime on Weekends and Mondays/Tuesdays after 3pm EST are good for me. I have pretty extensive knowledge of openlegend and can answer any questions you might have. Contact me on discord if you are interested (Connor├#1754).