How to make this happen: Fusing the companion into the PC

Hi guys

I’m starting to host a game on the background of an Japanese animation called “Nanoha”, where there are characters that are kind of in between “device” and “booster”, which also have their own personality, and the biggest thing about them is that they can fuse into another human (or human-liked, I guess?), not only boosting their traits but also add their talent (ex: ice, fire, etc.) to the character they fused into. They can separate at will, or forced to while the “host” has taken a great deal of damage.
We came to an agreement that we’ll start with the feat Companion for this “Fuse Knight”, but then how that would work out well yet not throwing off the balance becomes the issue.

If anyone have some thoughts I’m open to them.

Right now I’m thinking about adding attributes with some limits, my player is thinking to take this as a Boon (but then the PC will lose his minor action of sustaining another boon, like flying, which can be important on many battlefields).
We haven’t come to any conclusion yet of the damage distribution.

Any idea is welcomed, whether a peace of thought or a whole system of how it might work.


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The way I would make a character like this is by using the Alternate Form feat.
Your alternate form won’t have the Companion feat, and thusly has more feat points to use however you’d like.


This is one approach. However, you COULD put both the Alternate Form and Companion investments in the primary form. Grab the first tier of each at character creation (5 feat points). As soon as you have 2xp (and therefore 2 more feat points, bringing you to a total of 3 unspent), upgrade to Alternate Form II.

This will represent a significant jump in power for the “combined” form when you take that second tier, but that can be flavored as learning to combine more effectively. At that point, the heavy feat investment is all on one form, leaving the combined form (presumably the more powerful form?) with a greater feat point total to work with.

Either way works. It just depends on what better represents what you’re trying to accomplish.

Thanks for both of you.
Brycelor did inspired my player to come up with something close to what Carl suggested, who add a flavor where we did not thought of.
We’re going to try the AF + Companion combo, where in the second form, there’s no more companion suggesting that they are fused, it fit, now just have to try and see if it’s not balanced.
He’s thinking of maxing both feats though, by the way, we’ll see how that works out.

as you are using the feats as intended, they will be as balanced as anything else in the system. I don’t think you need to worry about balance, that’s always more for the GM in terms of creating encounters.

The only concern I could really think of would be spotlighting, in that if their particular character tries to take most of the attention in the session, but that can be done with any build so that’s just a regular concern honestly.

There have been many others that have done similar builds, so I don’t think it is something you need to worry about.

Thank you for your advice. I wasn’t worrying about this being over powered, but instead since the players are more or less story based (and me too), that would it be hard for that to fight against the enemies of the same level, but then in yesterdays session I figured that I can always cheat, so it doesn’t matter.