How to contact ANYONE from the website

Hello there,

I’ve been starting to play with Open Legend a few weeks ago with my friends, and we really enjoyed it.

So, I felt like I needed to support the guys who made this game and bought the two Banes and Boons deck.

It been weeks now, the package never arrived (although it says delivered), and I’ve been trying to contact the store, by email, facebook, twitter…

I have been ignored for about a month.

I feel very fucking disappointed by the way they don’t handle this.

Anyway, I hope anyone from the website or admin will see this message and finally contact me back…

Hi @val_pinkman. I’m sorry to hear about this issue. Unfortunately, we’re all volunteers and not in any way affiliated with Seventh Sphere so there’s not much we can do to speed things along. is the official contact address, but it sounds like you’ve already tried that.

If it says “delivered” then I’d suggest you actually try getting in touch with the courier company who delivered it. If they’ve sent it to the wrong address or misplaced the package, you can raise a case with them to try and get hold of it. This would be the first step Seventh Sphere would take anyway, so if you do this yourself then it would mean less waiting.

Other than that, I can only suggest you keep trying. Hopefully you’ll have some luck soon.

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Unfortunately I already tried everything… and no one form seventhsphere is answering me

it’s rough, and unfortunately there is only 1 person at Seventh Sphere and who is still going through the process of a rough divorce.

That’s not an excuse, just an explanation for you. This is why you don’t see much on social media for quite some time.

Normally things are automated on the buying/shipping of things from what I understand. Not sure if you were provided shipping information or not (I haven’t used the store, got things via kickstarter myself so not sure how all the processes work now) that would allow you to pursue Sam’s suggestion of contacting the shipping company.

Well I already tried to contact USPS,
But since it’s a package that was sent from the US to Europe, there is no “automated” procedure on the website, and it has to be the senders that contacts USPS themselves…

The only other suggestion I can offer is to post in the public Facebook community group, as the game’s creator is an admin there. Maybe he’ll see it there and will finally react.