How should I make a crippled boss daunting?

So I want to make one of my vampire bosses to be a seer who can see events as they happen and some in the future. Then I had the idea to make him a cripple as well. The only issue is I don’t know how to make him hold up in combat as a terrifying foe. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

@Valiandrra, You could either give them supernatural abilities like flight and shadow magic, at the beginning of the fight he could summon a few minions, or while he is physically slow he could hit very hard. Just some ideas, hope they help. :grin:

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I think we need more information? How is he crippled? Is he blind? Limp leg? Each thing will have a different effect and can have a different flavor. So rather than try to explain a zillion possibilities, do you have any in mind?


Hmm… knew I was forgetting something! I’m thinking crippled though blind would also be interesting…

You didn’t really answer my question here. How is he crippled? Are you referring to a lame leg? Underdeveloped arm? Amputated foot?

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Sorry, kept using the one word that was confusing in the first place! Lol. Ok, so yes I ment lame legs. Like he really won’t move and thus my issue with him and doing combat.

Okay! Getting somewhere now. As @Crazy_Weasel mentioned earlier, you can always give him flight or something like that to allow him to move about far easier. If you want his lame leg to come up, you could just reduce his speed by like 5 or 10 ft and instead have him more focused around using ranged weapons since he can’t move as well.

Ultimately, I think your best bet is to go with a flying chair (Sci-fi), magical flight (Fantasy), or just use the fact that some Vampires can just straight up fly or turn into another creature that might not have the limp. Could have ways to disrupt this flight/shape change to make it so that the players can force him back into the crippled state and make the fight somewhat easier (such as a nullify, garlic stakes, or so on).

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Honestly, not being able to move in a combat isn’t much of a big deal at all, in fact there are plenty of fights where you might not move the whole combat, so I don’t think that should be a concern you focus on at all.

Next thing is assuming he is someone to face in combat to begin with. If he is a seer, probably has Minions in place to do the fighting for him.

Really, you haven’t provided any sort of information for us to help you as we don’t know stats or what you want them to be even able to do in combat, much less if they would even do combat.


Flying would probably work, especially the chair or shapeshifting.

Minions are also a good idea… I’d considered them briefly but figured they won’t make him seem as daunting but now that I’m reconsidering, some minions would work, especially if I did some elite guards… hmm, I’ll have to think on that more.

As for the stats, I wanted to play with Prescience to make him seem more seer like but other than that, I’m not sure yet.

Here’s the thing though, why are you making him a cripple if he can just fly?

I think you need to figure out who this guy is first, bc if you don’t have a solid concept it makes him harder to build and will ultimately be less impactful to the players.


Hmm… good point. I think you’re right, he’s going to have elite guards do the fighting for him and bolster them/see the players actions to make him always be ready for them. Thanks everyone for the advice!

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[FAIR WARNING!!! THE LINKS ARE OF FANTASY YET REALISTIC(ish) COMBAT WITH BLOOD AND DEATH.] I know this topic is like WAY over, but I still had to put in my $0.02. Dude has no use of legs but STILL Kicks ASS. I’m just saying you don’t have to magic up… Plus, doesn’t this system allow steampunk kinda stuff? Here, some more… Steampunkish cripple or just check out the new RWBY character with the magical mechanical eyes. Plus, in this setting don’t look at it as handicapped or disabled, I think the term DIFFERENTLY abled can help with the mindset to a character/boss. Okay, so that was more like $0.20.